London Newbie

Hi been lurking for a while, Westies made me come out :w00t:

you fukker i know who this is now, bastard.:stuck_out_tongue: go get your sauage fingers stuck up someones bolier pipes.:smiley:

And i thought this was a friendly forum :Whistling:

its a friendly as you make it.:wink:

Welcome my darling., see hows that?:w00t:

Now now, that’s not a nice welcome Westie!? :smiley:

oh you know me, always friendly, especially to lurkers.:stuck_out_tongue:

and ‘jerkers’ :w00t:

speaking from experience are we?:stuck_out_tongue:

hows your thermals love?:w00t:

Keeping the cockles nice and warm my dear.
Still need some gloves though… have any of the new ranges come in yet? :slight_smile:

thats about the size of em cockles…:smiley:

yes we have, why not cum over for a coffee and sample my range?:stuck_out_tongue:

No one else has said it so far so, Welcome.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

welcome to LB Trackday Hunkie, I see westies befriended you already LOL

i think it was the other way around…:smiley:

Herman Munster is his second name, well atleast he has had his haircut this time.:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL well if you fit the bill… Blinking predictive txt LOL

I hope to see Pauline and Herman on wednesday eve… lol:w00t::wink:

Haha, hello there lurker :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome and see you weds :smiley:

haha hello and welcome junkie :smiley:

where did you find a keyboard big enough for them chunky fingers haha :smiley:

You can post the sarcasm yourself now :stuck_out_tongue:

Debz is your profile pic our very own mr andyp? lol