London Newbie

Hi Everyone

Just thought I’d pop in and say Helloo!

Well, I found out about this excellent site on Someone posted up Jay’s review…and a great wrtie up it was…nice one Jay.

Just a few words about me…I’ve been riding for about two years. First bike was a duke II before getting an 06 Superduke last year. After chucking that up the road, i’ve bought my new baby (2007 Superduke, you can see a pattern here can’t you) which i’m gonna try and stay upright on this time

Would be up for any rides out around the South East maybe further, if anyones interested?? I was at LeMans last month, was a brilliant trip apart from the weather, the roads are biking heaven over there, more please more!!

Nice meeting up with a few people at the market last night (Pav and Jay).

Anyway, hopefully see you all there next week



Hello Roger, it was nice to meet you. Your bike is really tall

Welcome to LB!

Welcome Roger

I want your bike and a pair of platform boots

welcome matey!!!


Welcome to LB fella

Welcome aboard Absent from BMM but I’ve got a note from me mum See you out and about

Hey Roger, nice to meet you, and thank-you. Your bike looks smart, certainly cleaner than the one I took out Please post up some snaps in the pictures forum for us of your SD07! The Akrapovic’s sounded real nice, even in road-legal trim.

We’ve always got ride-outs going on, so no worries there, just keep an eye on that forum.

hi and welcome to LB! I missed you at the market last night but I’m pretty sure I saw your bike!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Well thanks for the warm welcome guys and gals. I’ll certainly be posting some piccies up soon…

Well hopefully see you next week at the Market

Welcome to LB.

hiya, welcome to lb hope to see you at a meet