London Motor Show (yes there are some bikes there too)

Went down to the motor show in Docklands yesterday was pretty good, even had a couple of bikes there, BMW K1200R, K1200S, and some motorrad thing, there was a CBR600RR, and a VFR800.

All nice cars! Though the 207 would only really be at home in Slough, being chased by PS!

That Saab concept is a real stunner. Wow.

yer the saab was best in show IMO. it’s like a normal hardtop sports coupe, then you push a button and the entire top half lifts up so you can enter it, very sexy

Got loads more on my photobucket:

for me the stunner of the show was the Hyundai 4x4 Coupe Concept thing… Looked like something Porsche could do with making… The good news is it looks like it’ll be going into production next year.

Other than that i really felt the show was quiet bad ( seems like im the only one ) , No Porsche, Audi, BMW, Ferrari etc etc. There just seem to be nothing exciting coming out, and i totally avoided the Ford stand as there been nothing decent coming out of Dagenham for years now.

Oh well £9 spent on cars when it would have been better served on beers .

Keep the car pictures coming, we don’t all just ride bikes. I don’t drive a car, but I love good ones.

yer Audi, Porsche and Ferrari wernt there but BMW definitely was, they had their own entire section built outside, all the BMW range was on display and the Minis too.

Lol you should have gone after 5pm like we did, it costs a fiver to get in after 5pm, could have bought a couple pints with the money you could have saved