London Metropolitan university

Just wondering if any1 attends london metropolitan university?

Bumped into a m8 of mine tonight whom i have not seen in many a yr and he is a lecturer there, his name is Peter Hurley.
Forgot to get his number or pass mine on.

If any1 can help let him know i am trying to contact him and maybe pass on my e-mail address.

Tell him John Merrett is trying to get his number or e-mail address, my e-mail adress is: [email protected]

Cheers, John

Universities aren’t really my thing, but I’m sure if you phone their switchboard on 020 7423 0000 they’ll leave a message for him:)

THOUGHT this was going to be a thread about the students just wondering blindly out into the road EVERY SINGLE TIME i am passing.


good call john, though not sure wot branch he at.

Have emailed em so hopefully they will forward my details.

Cheers, John

I work there too. His e-mail would probably be <deleted> as that’s the format.Take care near our sites and avoid our wandering students please… we can’t afford to lose any!

ta, Andy

i found him, woo hoo.

i mailed the admissions and they must have passed it on, and yes that was his e-mail address, lol.

delete it though please m8 just in case others decide to feck about.

Cheers all, John