London mayor backs new cycle superhighway

“London mayor Boris Johnson has approved plans to create Europe’s longest segregated cycle lane through the city centre.”

I am surprised this hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet. Mayhem and carnage awaits. Get ready for months, if not years, of disruptions.

I cannot believe they can take away even more of the public road space and not do anything to reduce the amount of the car traffic. Check out these ideas, I cannot see the how they can take away even more space on the embankment. They need to ban single occupant/driver-only car commuters inside the CC zone. Not to mention that it will narrow down all the remaining lanes leaving us very little room for filtering…

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Isn’t that exactly the idea? Better cycling facilities doesn’t just magic cyclists out of nowhere, the idea is that it helps convert car drivers.

Nobody’s very interested in better conditions for drivers; the idea is to reduce our number.

It’s a pipe dream, just look those images, it’s Sunday traffic. It won’t work during the rush hour. I wonder what sort of modelling they have used to estimate the traffic flow.

I very much doubt it. Those that want to cycle, cycle already and cycling is only viable if you live reasonably close to the central London, in fair weather. The vast majority of people will NOT cycle year round and majority of car commuters tend to be commuting from out of town or do school runs - these people will NOT cycle either.

If it does go through (Boris is only around for another 15 months and could well be an MP from May this year) then it will make the Embankment a no-go area for cars.
I was there yesterday and the traffic was heavy with 2-3 lanes either way- bringing eastbound down to one lane is a ridiculously dumb idea.

I’m all for cycling- other than motorbikes my main hobby is cycling- but it has to be balanced with the needs of motorists.
How is it going to work with cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes sharing one lane on one of the busiest of London’s roads?
Simply, it won’t.

When did we get to the point where everyone who will cycle already is? It certainly appears to still be growing in popularity. And it’s only true that cycling is ‘only viable … in fair weather’ as much as it is for motorbikes.

Whatever it promotes cycling has my support.

They should start by banning those massive trailers on the city center at certain times, that would ease congestion. Deliver goods at night like in many cities big in Europe

I’ve lived in the Netherlands one year, where the weather is very similar if not worst than London, I can guarantee that with the correct infrastructure people will use bicycles to do whatever they need, school runs, grocery shopping etc

I agree. especially for all the construction traffic that we have.

unfortunately, the sort of people who live in London will complain about the noise at night, and are the same kind of rich kunts who have the ear of those in power.

I work in construction in London and while I would love to see large vehicle deliveries moved to night time for road safety, there’s a massive logistical problem doing that (and a cost to all involved) not to mention that some deliveries just can’t be done at night (a concrete wagon that arrives on site at 10pm isn’t going to be much use when the guys turn up at 8am).

The noise would be an issue for many sites, especially if they are in residential areas as the site would effectively be running 24hrs (or at least two shifts) - London councils usually specify the hours a site is allowed to operate for exactly that reason. it would also difficult/expensive running a site for such long hours, not least of all because you’d need almost twice the labour resource.

Easier to ban certain sized vehicles during rush hour (say 7-9 and 5-7pm) but there are still going to be costs if the site can’t get going until 10am (by the time vehicles have come in from outside the restriction zone) and it would put severe restrictions on some operations. Ultimately someone would have to pay for that.

its a fucking disgrace.

it will go ahead unless brainfart Boris get knocked out of his chair anytime soon.

the best thing is, all the supporters do not realize this will take years to complete, adding misery of roadworks and road closure to the existing congested city.

well done smartasses. :angry:

And the finances to pay for this will be at the expence of other highway requirements

and it would cost way less to make a public safety campaign targeted at cyclist.

but that wouldnt pay anyone any percentages would it :wink:

Yes I agree that with some residential areas this is not possible due to noise, but who lives in the city? West end is mainly office space and a few millionaires, surely they can’t invest on sound proof windows. To ban HGV during rush hour could be a good start. I do pay taxes, parking permits etc, to improve the city condition not to have it collapsed every freaking morning. I don’t really care if HGV, big trailer restrictions bring building sites costs up, there is millions of people that deserve a balanced city. Also I’m sure there is qualified logistics specialist in London that can sort this problem.

I still think the idea of running cycle lanes over railway lines is a better one.

Not strictly true… I would never have ridden a bicycle in London when I lived there… mainly because of the risk. In contrast, when I was in Amsterdam, I cycled everywhere - because they have fantastic infrastructure and even as a useless cyclist I felt safe.

Ok it helps that it’s not as urbanised and it’s relatively flat. You’ve got a point on the weather and distances but it’s all relative. You might not convert people who have to travel a distance, but you do convert those who use motorised transport for shorter distances.

do you really think its the infrastructures and not the general attitude of people towards cyclists and cyclists behavior Alex?

I think it’s both… one will help the other.

if we could make that highway end somewhere far far away and make it a one way system then it gets my vote.

I don’t cycle and I have no intention of doing so, but I quite like this. I was in Barcelona for a few days last year and they have a lot of these. Getting the cyclists out the road seemed to make things a lot smoother, and freed up more room for bikes and scooters. Not good for cars losing the lane, but I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll have its advantages.

I do think the over-railway lines is an awesome idea though