London Is My Canvas

Was out playing with the camera again, just trying to teach myself something new and as always im posting up a few picx

Hope you like them :smiley:





Captions & notes for the pix above:First Pic: Is a shot of the famous Mr Banksy work where london actually is his canvas

Second Pic: Is just a pic ( Just a pic meaning I can’t be arsed to write the real notes)

Third Pic: Is called “Oi Don’t Jump” lol

Ok these Last two photos weren’t taken by me but I love em so I thought I would share them

Photos were taken by Sian M. WARNING Using a camera esp a new SLR while on the back of a moving motorcycle in London is dangerous and can be a very exspensive way to capture the perfect picture, so don’t blame me if you drop your camera when trying a similar shot… Da Artist




love the lid shot,reminds me of when i’m riding pillion and everything but the lid up front becomes a blur!!!:w00t:

wheres shots 2 and 3?

i used to live in waterloo and they look like somewhere on the south bank!!!

(Da) Artist (ic) work pal, nice stuff!

They are of the QE Halls where Anthony Gormley held an exhibition called “Event Horizon” which consisted of 30 human statues (body casts of real people) scattered around the immediate area and all of them can be seem from the exhibition hall and no where else. I took one of them too - dunno if they are still there ?

You even managed to capture a Banksy !!!

Your going places kidda …superb !!! :w00t:



Andrew they are still there those pix were taken last night, your pic is what made me take the ride.

Really good pics!

What kit do you use?

Dude all you need is a mode of transport, some time and the will to go and and snap what you see any decent camera will do the job.

But I lend a friends Canon EOS 400D

Really like the man on the roof pic

Which pic and btw the man jumped :smiley:

good stuff

Cool pics…I love taking snaps of the changing architecture in London. You don’t have to go far to find something great around every bend. Here are some of mine.:P1.Skyscape was taken in Canary wharf

  1. View thru a Tate Modern window

  2. A construction worker in Canary wharf





Nice shots…like the figure on the roof one with the “knifing” architecture…its so cool to wlak around and sap shots of buildings especially with the European cities with the blend of old and new…siiiggggghhhh…didn’t even get to visit the UK this year.

Highway Really nice shots dude the first pic is quality :wink: