London Ice Sculpting Festival (Free)

This looks fun :

Is anyone planning to go? Did anyone go last year and if so what was it like?

i went there last year, it was rather small event but still nice. they allowed people to have a go and do penguin statues :slight_smile: now that i’ve seen it once though, i’m not sure i’d want to go again, if i do then it would have to involve me having beer, good company and a night club to finish the day off :smiley:

can’t figure out how to post pics in here, but if you tell me how, i can post some pictures up of last years event.

is that an LB get together in the making or a personal invite…?


neither i was just chatting about my experience :wink: no hidden agendas.

what i didn’t realise is the date this was posted!! i was actually there on those days this person wanted to go to some months back :smiley: silly me

i really wanted to go to this but himself doesnt want to :crying: i thought it looked quite interesting…