London haunts?

Hi guys and gals

New to here but been lurking around VD for a while. Just got my Husaberg 650 supermoto (black one… hmmmm) into town but there seems to be a lack of bikers around apart from couriers and commuting scooter… Sooo the question is where can you regularly expect to find bikers in town? Weekends or otherwise? Motards would be great but anything would do! Where are the hangouts?

Also stay out in Epping, Essex quite often so rideouts around there too would be interesting…

Our little Friday run takes us from the Ace Cafe (West London) to Chelsea Bridge to Frith Street, Soho.

There are lot’s of other clubs about, I am guessing google to find them.

I thought chelsea bridge was on saturday nights? Unfortunately i normally end up going out on friday night and then feeling rank all of saturday and this friday is a definite no-no. This is despite the fact that i am heading to HMR on friday for a full set up but i will try to get involved for the future. Is there still a lincolns inn fields meet on sundays?

Welcome to the site mate! No, Chelsea bridge is on friday night after that soho up to 1? 2? am, sometimes in the summer much later, lol

Year One, there’s usually a fair amount of bikers up the Ace most nights … I tend to end up there on totally random nights when I feel like a blast … the AWOL boys are often there too, so it’s all good!!

Hit me with a PM if you fancy an ad-hoc blast up there.

Hey Dude… Welcome to LB… Enjoy the ride…

Gidday, welcome aboard.

Hey Year One Racing, welcome to LB. There’s plenty of regular meets, with the usual Friday night ones that people have mentioned already, though it’s worth remembering that the Ace Café is an every-day biker cafe with special SuperMoto evenings as well to cater for your ride. It’d also be worth posting up in our Supermoto forum as people may be able to suggest places to go and things to do. The Ride-Outs forum is also good for this.