London fire brigade sprint enduro

my bike club London fire brigade MCC are running a sprint Enduro race if anyone is up for it.

regs and entry forms here.

The day will be as follows:

Morning session:
3 Hours of riding for all entrants, Riders will start at 10am one at a time from the starting area at ten second intervals, they will complete their lap back in the finish area which will then bring them back into the pits. Each rider will then queue up and be released onto the track again. There will be no ‘flying laps’. Each rider will be able to ride as often or as little as he/she wants during the 3 hour session.
We will release the riders one at a time – this way we will be able to limit the amount of riders on the course at any given time and there will be no congestion at the finish of each lap. Also, there will be no riding in the pits, riders will dismount after they swipe and push bikes into the work area or queue area.
Riders lap times will be recorded electronically and displayed in the pits. Riders best single time will qualify him/her for the afternoon session.
There will be 15 qualifiers from each class who will go onto the afternoon session. They will be awarded points for their qualifying position which will count towards the overall score of the day…

The afternoon:
This will be 90 minutes of riding with riders being released all together , however, in the interests of rider/spectator safety we would like to split the classes for the first leg….

Heat One:
A 20 minute leg for the 15 qualifiers of each class
These will basically be mini H&H events…
Again points will be awarded for these finishers in each class and the top 5 will go on to the final leg of the day.

Heat Two:
This final leg will be of 30 minutes where the top 5 from each class will go out all together (obviously results will be per class).
Again there will be points awarded but this time it will be double points (so the results can be accumulative and the overall winner of each class will not necessarily be decided until the end of the day – thus keeping interest in the event right to the end!)

And that’s it – everyone goes home having had a lovely day…