London Dealers for Newbie

Hi All,

Been looking on the net for local bike dealers that I can go to, so I can have a look around for my first bike!! Looking for a Honda CBR 125, but want to have a look around and have a chat with dealers before I buy.

Looking on the net and typing MOTORCYCLE DEALERS LONDON comes up with hardly any direct websites, but I assume there must be sh*t loads!!!

Can anyone please recommend any dealers? Especially for secondhand bike?? I live in SW London, so any advice would help!!


I had the same problem when I started.

There’s lots of little dealers with “a few” bikes, most often not what you’re looking for, or there’s the big dealers with lots of bikes, but they’ll be less likely to give you a deal cos they’re London dealerships and have enough clientele to not have to give much in the way of discount. I’d recommend the little dealers personally, but it may take longer to find what you want.

Biketrader online is good. They link in to lots of deifferent indy dealerships. Bikemart in MCN is also good. Biketrader the magazine will help too. Try running a Wanted ad on the LB site, you never know you may catch lucky…

In terms of traders, I can think of a few

*Rex Judds
*Dobles (not exactly small though)

I might have a CBR125 available for sale in around 6 weeks (fingers crossed - dependent on other factors) if you can bear to wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

Spotted this in the forum, worth a go:)

Dunno whereabouts in SW London you are, but Hartgate in Mitcham are Honda dealers.

I’ve got too much self respect to ever be seen on a Honda so can’t comment on their bike sales/service, but have been in there for bits & pieces & they’ve always been nice & friendly to deal with.

Id forgotten about that dealership in Mitcham, thanks for that, its on my route to work. I used to use Wansworth Honda but they went a while back.

If you know what make of bike you are looking for, that will in some part determine what dealership you go for. What part of SW London you in mate ?

Im wondering if you go through Tooting on your ride into to work as I often see a gold hornet.If you are, im the vespa 200 always giving your bike the longing loooks !:smiley:

Sounds pretty interesting…got any pics you can send through for me and a bit more detail?? my email is [email protected]

I live in Wandsworth Common

I ride through Mitcham friom Sutton and then down Streatham Lane to Streatham and then onto Brixton

best options for you i guess areInfinity Clapham (Yamaha only i think now although they used to do Kawasaki and Aprilia)

Hartgate (Honda) as mentioned above

and there are a few second hand dealers that are cool, there is one in wimbledon

any idea how much you have to spend ?

You could try

Wimbledon Motorcycles

274 Haydons Road
SW19 8TT
tel: 020 8543 4908 (havent used them so cant comment but its a tiny place, only 1 shopfront)



160-162 Merton Road
South Wimbledon
London They have done a couple of minor things for me and have been really nice

you could try :

and click on the ‘dealers’ link on the left hand side

To be honest I dont want to spend more tha £1100 for a CBR 125. But I see that since I first started looking a couple of months ago, they have actually increased in price.

Assume this is because summer is approaching a people are upping the price because of that. But I reckon £1100 is a fair price for a second hand one.

You could do worse than to try one of our site sponsors, Lazer Motorcycles (link on the right-hand-side).