London Cycling Campaign

Apparently the lives of cyclists are some how worth more than the lives of motorcyclists…

Stop Boris Johnson risking lives with decision on motorbikes in bus lanes

LCC has written to London Mayor Boris Johnson asking him not to make a snap decision to allow motorbikes to use bus lanes, a move that could endanger the lives of cyclists and pedestrians, and is calling on LCC supporters to do the same.

London Assembly Conservatives say that the ‘wheels are in motion’ and the Mayor will ‘rubber stamp’ the decision after technical requirements are met. LCC is advising the Mayor not to base any decisions on what Transport for London has described as unreliable evidence.

LCC’s chief executive Koy Thomson told the Mayor that ‘making a snap decision on this key issue based on evidence that is ‘not statistically significant’, or is based on ‘flawed methodology’, is an enormous risk and could adversely impact the safety of many pedestrians and cyclists.

‘This would be a decision taken not only against the advice of transport officials and without the input of cycling and pedestrian groups, but also in the face of a warning that this could ‘disbenefit’ cyclists and pedestrians.’

Managing Director for Surface Transport at Transport for London David Brown has stated: ‘The data used in the earlier report was not considered sufficiently reliable to inform a decision on such an important issue.’ Following a review of the data Mr Brown’s conclusion (April 2008) was that ‘there is no evidence to indicate that motorcyclists would see any significant safety benefits from being allowed to enter bus lanes but that there were potential disbenefits for both cyclists and pedestrians.’

Tom Bogdanowicz, LCC’s Campaigns Manager, said: “Providing new high speed channels for motorcycles along major roads will inevitably increase motorcycle use. More motorcycle traffic will spread to all streets in London and will bring with it an increase in casualties for vulnerable road users. We’re asking our supporters to urge the Mayor to consider the safety impact on all London streets for every road user before any decision on allowing high-speed vehicles into bus lanes is made.”

It is well established that motorcycles are involved in a greater proportion of collisions per kilometre with pedestrians and cyclists than are cars.

If the use of bus lanes becomes allowed, Im seriously considering strapping a camera to the front and back of the bike to record my journeys, so that in the event of a cyclist claiming my fault, I have evidence to prove otherwise.

In fact Im thinking of doing this in general, deleting it after each day where there is no incident.

Ridiculous, isnt it.

It’s not a bad idea, I reckon most of us should be doing it if possible.

If most of the cyclists would just open their eyes and obey the highway code for once then they’d be fine. I was driving behind a cyclist today on my way home who I overtook… 2 seconds later she overtook me by going through a red light! I’m sorry but what? Red light applies to you aswell lovey :angry:

sorry but how is a motorcycle more dangerous than a bus ?

it is a ** bus lane** after all.

All road users have the same right to be on the road so if the cyclists ( i am one so im not critisicing them on mass ) can’t share get them out of the bus’ lane.

I think cyclists do enough to endanger their own lives. They don’t really need any help. I think OK, MAYBE allowing bikes in bus lanes will make it MARGINALLY more difficult for cyclists. But then, they could always try stopping at red lights and generally obeying the rules of the road to make up for this.

Perhaps having more two-wheeled vehicles in bus lanes will force an improvement in bicycle-riding standards, too? Being more aware of what’s going on around you can only be a good thing.


There is plenty of room on bus lanes for cyclists and motorcyclists. Obviously if cyclists ride 3 or 4 abreast then it can get a bit tight- but should cyclists really be doing this in town? I regularly see cyclists riding alongside eachother merrily chatting away (who knows what about- performance enhancing steriods maybe?) and totally ignoring whats going on around their little ball of energy.

I have been using the finchley road bus lane (MCs are allowed to use it) for 4 years now, five days a week.

In that time I have seen two cyclists hit both by cars turning left. It so much safer using the bus lane than trying to filter down the hell that is finchley road. How could they say there is no benefit ? and every single morning I would say 10-15 % of the cyclists bother to stop for red lights at the pedestrian crossing on finchley road how can they mount any campaign when they themselves are so lawless.

bicycle test please! :smiley:

Im SERIOUS! A mate of mine did one when she was a kid! They were enforced at her school.

When i go up to essex to tear up the roads a bit i often see a whole school class of kids out on there little bikes with the teacher telling them how to deal with different occasions. Very sensible if only adult bikers gave a toss.

If the cyclists want the bus lane, they should first get there bike registered and insured and aby the laws of the road and then they can say something but untill then Feck off you bunch of pedal pushing w@nkers.

I’m a biker first and a cyclist second, to commute, I think its a great idea for us on both sides to use the bus lanes.

However, it really pisses me off hearing all this anti cyclist ****. Lets be honest, everyone in here sticks to 30mph right? And no one gambles on a amber light. Isn’t that the highway code? Let he/she be without sin and all that.

If I had a £ for every altercation and time I’ve been knocked in to, I’d be a very rich man.

This is a fair point, hence I said

“In fact Im thinking of doing this in general, deleting it after each day where there is no incident.”

i.e., it incorporates everyone that poses a risk, whether in/on vehicle or not…

However, it is also fair to say that even if not everyone here chooses to stick to the highway code, that this is a conscious decision. I am all for getting kids to learn about the road - a bicycle will probably be their first vehicle and without any road instruction.

What is also true, is that the vast majority of cyclists that have nearly killed me or themselves are adults, who probably have car licenses. What’s their excuse?

I used to cycle in London all the time. It wasnt until I took my bike test (never really drove a car in london) and starting riding as a motorcyclist that I saw how different it was from cycling. I was sucked into riding onto the pavement and through red lights - because everyone else did it and I didnt know any better! I also used to cycle without a helmet! I am VERY lucky that I never had a problem!

And I bet Im not the only one like that!

they did an official study

it had evidence which demonstrated it was a good move

the lobbyists can f-off

I can’t see anyone on here saying ban cyclists from bus lanes but that is precisely what the cyclist lobby is saying should happen to motorcyclists. He who casts the first stone?..:wink:

No obligatory bike test yet…one step at a time!

So if they are lobbying Boris shouldn’t we be lobbying him to enforce the motorcycles in bus lanes?

I’m getting onto MAG - im sick of all this, we have waited years under Ken for an outcome that was just swept under the carpet, lets do something ourselves (just like the honorable Manchester bikers did today rearding fuel prices)


These cycling lobby twats are really annoying. Cyclists, in general, don’t obey the laws of the road, despite what the few in this lobby do.

The point is, there’s a bit of a backlash against bad cyclists at the moment with calls for fines etc for bad riding…I think this is a bit of a diversionary tactic. Make them all seem hard done by again instead of the lethal mindless peckers they are.

It’s a difficult one this, I’m both a proper biker and a pedal pusher, I’ll admit i don’t strictly follow the highway code when on the push bike, who does? But i know that because i ride a proper bike as well that i am much more road aware and cautious than some other cyclists I see.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to use the bus lanes. Far too many cyclists are bombing along with headphones in, never doing lifesavers (this really should be taught to cyclists somehow) etc and I think it’s a real toss up which is more dangerous, filtering down the outside or mixing it up with the pushbikes.

Also iirc the studies that checked the safety of all this (which did definitely come out as it being in the worst case no more dangerous, and in all probability safer) were done back in 2005/6 - both cycle and bike usage in london has gone up hugely since then.

I worry now that if we’re going to be allowed in the bus lanes, that we’re gonna get grief off other road users if we choose not too. For me the jury is well and truly out on the whole issue.

Got cut up by a cyclist tonight, he overtook a bus that was slowing and just pulled into my lane without looking. I had sensed he would do so so had slowed to let him complete his menouver. I shouted out “Lloyd you prat” the look on his face was priceless as I rode away.

I had recognised him as a client of mine but he had no clue who I was, will take the **** out of him on Monday.:smiley: