London Councils and thier bike parking rules - why do they vary so much?

Makes me mad - grrrr At leats Hammersmith and Fulham have the right idea - whats wrong with Croydon, Bromlet , Redbridge etc.???

I think they’re designed to catch bikers out as they cross council boundaries…

not sure if I have just read that wrong but, there is bike bays in croydon and bromley, I work in croydon they are there you just have to look also most of the car parks here have access to free parking for bikes, also bromley there are a few but are tucked away and you have to look for them, but most bike park up on the pedestrian area and I have never once seen one with a ticket I also have parked on the ped’ part and never received a ticket…

I know it’s not clear but it’s saying there are no metered bays.

The real message is that some councils allow free parking on residents bays, pay and display bays and residents / pay and display bays - the lot.

Others don’t allow parking in anywhere else but assigned motorcycle bays during daylight hours - so you can’t even park outside your hose but have to go a long way away to a general bay ( wher it will be very secure of course …:blink

What I don’t understand is why some councils ( ok West end councils like Camden and Westminster I can uderstand ) even though they are miles from the center ban bikes everywhere but bays - I guess someone on the council doesn’t like bikes.


You should know by now everyone hates bikers, we are the scum of the earth remember!

Yea I should have known…

But I can’t see any rhyme nor reason - Richmond is one of the poshest bouroughs going , as is Ham & Fulham. You woulf think that their tweed wearing residents would allow flame throwers to be used by wardens against bikes but no - they are the most bike freindly

Tower Hamlets / Redbridge eaxctly the opposite


now i used to work in croydon, and parked in a pay and display area outside my store. never once did i have any trouble with the parking attendants, who said as long as i didnt restrict the use of the bay it was fine.

the same in bromley and lewisham. so maybe this is just the offical line that the council spins more then the word on the street with the attendants.

Thats good to know.

Mind you I have read so many stories about Wardens dirty tricks - telling you it’s ok to park - waiting for you to turn corner - slapping ticket on you…

…that I don’t dare