London Bus Lanes

Hi Guys,

I have only been driving into london for a day now, 90% of the time I went in a bus lane was if another biker was in there

I travel through new cross and westminster bridge,

Can bikers go in all bus lanes or do they have to display the motorcycle on the sign?


You can only go in the ones with a motorcycle on the sign. Typically all Red Routes are Ok (so long as it’s not a bus lane that takes bus where everyone else isn’t allowed to go), everywhere else be careful

Be careful because there are a lot of delivery peds/couriers that know where the cameras are and will go in lanes they are not allowed in because of this. Always always check signs and if there is no motorcycle, don’t go in there.

another tip, its generally only red routes that allow bikes but not all, look at the kerb, if there aint 2 red lines then don’t go in. there a probably a couple of exceptions to this rule now, but not many, so it does stand as a good rule of thumb. if there are 2 red lines then you still need to check the signs, as not all red routes are bike friendly.



Thanks guys, on the way home I’m 90% sure that I didn’t go in them but I’m sure il find out when I get a letter through the door