London - Bristol(ish) - London

I nipped out to some 20 miles north Bristol area from SE London today to get my bike serviced at the club workshop. Had a nice easy ride on the way out. Overtook several Porsches and a very swanky Mercedes AMG thingy (all stationery in the M4 traffic queue) on the way… It was a nice stretch of the legs for the bike and I had one stop for a stretch and visit to the offload excess liquid facilities. I did over take one Porsche that was stretching its legs as well at one stage, but then decided to shadow him as he had a “scanner” jobbie on the dashboard. Made good progress till he took a turn off.

Bike has been well fettled, carbs tuned, fork oil changed, head bearings adjusted, front wheel bearings changed, oil+filter changed, new sparks and new battery. All in all it is feeling rejuvenated, which is not bad for an 18 year old bike. Much smoother and sharper on the corners now. Revs cleanly and pulls beautifully through the gears.

The ride back was not the best. Thunderstorm for 30 miles of utter deluge and some small hail as well. Made quite a rattle on the old head! Just as well I packed my wet weather gloves as I needed to stop and change into them. The traffic was well behaved thankfully as the weather made it lousy for second guessing what the drivers would do next.

Well, I’ve now to to replace my rear disk as it is worn and I need to get a new rear shock as mine is sitting some 3 inches too low! Money pit this bike, absolute money pit, but funnily enough, worth it!

It was a nice change from the normal A-B commute that I do every day and I’ll be heading that way again next year for a full service and shock replacement next year. Nice to know that the work is being done to high standards and I can watch it all happening in the workshop while having a cup of coffee.

where did u go in bristol?