London Bridge Speed Cameras

I happened to notice this morning that 20 mph limits were all over London Bridge and there are now camera signs.

Anyone else notice these and are the cameras active? It was quite a surprise to me, having got used to it as fairly much a free for all both ways, with buses, taxis and bikes charging along as they liked.

Any info on whether and when these are going live would be appreciated.

I think they went live yesterday and are covering up to the south side of the included bridges.

Oh dear - I know I definitely got caught out both ways today :pinch:

You should have noticed a flash if you got caught :slight_smile:

Cope seem to be every where today, I was cycling with my mate and a cop pulled me per for wheelies in a EMPTY CAR PARK and gave me a formal warning!

They pulled you for wheelies on a push bike in a car park?!

Must have been a really quiet day for crime, presumably all the muggers are on holiday this week.

The tall cameras are digital, and only flash in invisible infra red. You will not see a flash.

When he was writing me the warning I asked him “so what is wrong with doing wheelies in a EMPTY car park, I understand if there was cars there then ok I could come off and hit one of them but it’s empty” and you know what he says “well you still shouldn’t be doing that as some people won’t like it”. I was so tempted to say I don’t like you being here so why don’t you get lost :smiley: but I controlled myself :smiley:

So it’s kind of a waiting game now! Did I get caught or not? :smiley:

I went over London Bridge (southbound) this morning and there is still a 30 sign there. Did not see any cams.

Looks like London Bridge is a 20mph now.

Make the limit 20mph or 200mph - makes no difference to the actual speed of traffic in a series of queues, traffic lights and roundabouts. You could try explaining to people how to use a roundabout instead as it seems to be a mystery to most in E&C.

With digital cameras the NIP usually comes very quickly so you’ll find out soon. Otherwise it’s a 14 day wait till you know you are in the clear.