London Bridge Police Incident

Any one in the area make sure you stay safe.

The sirens are ringing out from Tower Hill. The whole area around London Bridge appears to be on lockdown.

There are videos of the incident here, if you want to see before they get taken down.

farking hell!


The video seems to show a member of the public restraining someone, the police pull him clear then shoot the remaining guy.

Fuck. Look at the guy who heads back along the bridge. That’s one large knife.

Videos are pretty graphic but at least it removes a lot of speculation and hearsay.

I’m in two minds over this. Yes, it’s good we have so many quickly available videos to remove all the endless speculation which follows these incidents but you have to wonder at the sanity of people who think “gunman? knife? armed police? someone shouting he has a suicide vest? Oh, I’ll just hang around and make a video”.

It’s a psychological phenomenon. In Germany it is an offence to film accident survivors and they want to crack down more on people filming accidents in general.