London Black S-Cabs!!!!!!

I’m starting to sound like a moany old woman, but I’m really starting to lose my rag with this town!

This morning, I call the insurance guys to send out a van to get me to a garage to repair yesterday’s puncture…

The evil toerags that wrote the policy have written into it that if I am within one mile of my home, I am not eligible for free pick up! how dumb is that…what am I supposed to do predict where I’m gonna break down and make sure I’m more than a mile from home just to make use of my policy.

So anyway, drive at 7 miles an hour with my really useful Hazards on…maybe Suzuki foresaw this need…anyway, 1,1 miles away I stop and call them again. Yes sir we’d be delighted to pick you up now…HOW DUMB ARE THEY!

So, guy comes, picks up bike, good chat about the reliability HA HA HA HA HA of Italian electrics and how kids these days think Laverda’s are the latest Bling Be Bop craze from the East Side. Get dropped off at FWR (Kenington) - Big up the FWR boys, perfect service in just 40 minutes - £156.00 for a pair of Michelin Dunlops (my front was getting bald so went for the pair in the end). And I was away…

Whooo yeah, feels great, baby’s back up and running, traffic. Doesn’t matter, nothing beats the feeling of getting her up and about again.


Sitting in between 2 lanes of traffic completely stationary. I feel a thump on the right rear side, I look down and am just in time to yank my leg out of the way as a black cab grinds its way along my Exhaust and stops two foot past the end of my rear wheel. 2 FEET! The only reason the bike was staying upright was the left leg holding it there against the hand brake of a 2 tonne diesel driven black cab driven by a cabbie.

I was so incensed I had to pull away from him and park it right in his lane so he couldn’t go anywhere without the deserved earful.

I won’t print what I said, and I can’t Print what he said, but in his view it boiled down to my fault, and YES, he brought out the infamous “Sorry mate, didn’t see you!” although he clearly didn’t mean it.

What is their problem? I used to defend black cabs because it must be a boring life sat in traffic all day but frankly not any more.

You Pr!sks are on your own from now on. I don’t give a sh!tty stick if there are any of you on here. Your attitude sucks and you’ve got no bloody manners at all. So you sit in traffic all day, so what. That’s the job you chose, that doesn’t give you idiots the right to put people’s lives at risk just cos you’re a lazy, careless, selfish bunch of morons. <<Moderator edit - this is the view of one miffed member of LB and is not representative of LB in any way LoL >>

Any of you want to see me outside to do this the proper way and give me a chance to do as much damage to you, PM me. In this mood I’m more than up for showing you a FAIR fight!

Bikers, beware! Idiots are on the loose, you’ve been warned.

Thanks for listening. I feel a lot better now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bloody hell Mate,

Sorry to hear this. You’re having a right old mare at the moment !

Any damage to the bike ?

oh man…

bad luck mate…

so sorry to hear this…

Luckily its ony a minor scrape down the side of the exhaust…and when I say minor, it really is quite small so luckily nothing too drastic there.

And having said that the deal on those Dunslops was better than I expected so can’t grumble too much.

It was just the rush of adrenaline that made me want to leap through his window and start duffing him up that had me so angry and frankly a little worried…Its NEVER a good idea to ride like that I tell ya. Suddenly every cage and Scab becomes “the enemy” which is the wrong mind set altogether!

Trojan, have you got t’internet in your area car or what?

I can see em now, “Come in 57, urgent situation at the Palace”

“Yeah hold on Sarge I’m just catching up with the guys at the Ace!”

Sue em all let the courts decide

I’ve said this before and I am saying it again these cabbie scums think that when a bike goes past them their meters roll back and they lose money so they MUST do anything to stop bike going past them… w@nkers!!!

P.S.: Toby1Chernobil… you are quite some agony aunt this week…:stuck_out_tongue:

Grazi mille!

Italia! Italia! Italia!

Mebbe we need a ‘Ranter’s Corner’ section LoL or an Agony Aunt feature on the pod cast

Ha ha, No Tobi, I have no t’internet in’t car ! Lots of other stuff in the car but not the internet.

I do have internet access at work but it would be a no no to use it for any type of forum etc. I only type away at home in my own time and the opinions I give are entirely my own and do not at any time represent the Met Police.

Everyone loves and needs a good rant at times, it’s a perfect way of letting of steam.

We never assumed the views expressed were anyone’s but your own

Andrew, just threw that in, some have, believe it or not and I will explain fully when I see you next mate.

We have wireless internet points on the ships these days, excellent during tea breaks.

Thats it !!! thats all i needed,Youve got red ken spouting about charging vehicals basesd on the amout of emissions they put out and also banging on about road saftey and congestion in london!!! wake up man,have you put your head out side your luxury offices lately ???

These bloody black cabs are the predominant problem on the roads of london,they are the biggest cause of congestion and pollution in the capital,they also dont seem to care about the safety of other road users and treat the streets as their own!!!

They are fixated on peoples hands in the air hailing cabs,and rather than miss a couple of quid in the pocket they would quite happily injure or kill someone for that money.

Biddy biddy biddy, go Buck, you tell em!