london bikers ids???

i think what we need is some sort of id, or a sticker you can put on your bike so we can all id each other when we are around the bike meets.

any one got any ideas?

as we are such a diverse community coming from all sides of the metroplis and all sorts of riding styles and disciplines.

We’re in the process of arranging for merchandise to be made up, details will be announced soon. Part of this is sticker kits, from small to larger ones, whatever suits. We’ll also be having member cards made up, so retailers can tell when you’re a member and give you a discount!

It’s been a long time coming, but Jay is on the case! Watch this space!

yeah that sounds cool

We’ll keep you posted on whats happening regarding this… :slight_smile:

Sounds good. - ooohh discount…

Gareth has sent some out in the post to me, should get them very soon, ready to install and advertise the site in Germany when I am on the ring next weekend.

Good plan!

will we get any discount on track days ?

anyone know of cheap insurance?

got one from nash with breakdown cover £340. iam 37 with 6 years no clames at the moment the one iam with is £320. with no cover . i would like cover

GSXR fan. Try a company called Riders Choice. They are usually extremely competative in the bike Insurance market. You get kit cover, breakdown etc in the price.

Cool, I’ll pre order a hoody

Sounds v cool. I wouldnt mind a Hoody :wink:

These guys do the Ninjas merchandise. May be of help to ya Foxy.