London Bikers Group Trackday

Hey Everyone,

Since the London Bikers track evening at Brands Hatch on 31st May was such a success (apart from Andy coming off his bike!), would anyone be up for another event?

Topic from BH Evening, 31st May:

Just a reminder that if we get 10 or more riders together, I can take 10% off every booking (including any additions such as one-to-one instruction). I’ll also reserve a double garage free of charge if it’s a day event!

Check out this link for a list of future available dates:

If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Cheers, Mark

I’m up for this, whenever it is…

…And as long as there’s a novice group

… and sunshine

I would be up for this.

I’m up for this too :slight_smile:

Awesome, what do you think you’d prefer…another evening session or go for a full day this time?

For me, it would be down to cost. If a full day was affordable…

Yeah full day so long as it doesn’t break the bank…

There’s a load of dates coming up at the moment for full days. It ranges from £165 for a normall Sessioned Day or one of our Tommy Hill Trackdays, to £189 for a day on the Grand Prix Circuit at Brands Hatch alongside the MSS Kawasaki BSB Team.

if the GP one can accept an exhaust right at 101db with baffle in at 7k rev…then im up for it…

Would you be riding the CBR 600 again?

The static noise limit on the GP circuit is 101db, and if you are riding the 600, it would be tested at 7K revs. If it does read 101db on the day, it’ll be fine…but it could be tight.

no point me trying to go on this with a superduke then ? I havent had it tested but its loud

Added links to the best days coming up below…

Brands Hatch GP Circuit, 9th July with MSS Kawasaki BSB Team -

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit, 17th July, Tommy Hill Trackday -

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit, 30th July, Sessioned Trackday -

Warm up the bikes well before having them noise tested. It makes ~4db difference on my R6 and my mates GSXR 1000. He had to retest after the sighting lap because he was way over and was still just over the limit after the sighting lap. This was at snetterton which i think was 102dbA.

Bike was proper warm when I went to test since I rode there…

I have a Daytona 600 with a scorpion exhaust. Is that likely to cause a problem? Do I need to do anything to the bike other than taping up the lights?

You don’t need to do anything to the bike, as long as it’s safe and in roadworthy condition its absolutely fine.

It’s hard to say about the exhaust, the best option would be to come along to any of our running trackday events and get a free noise test.

will you throw in some sunshine with dry warm track conditions to sweeten the deal??

I would be up for either full day or eve if its looking dry… especially around august being my birthday the wife has offered to pay for it for me :smiley:

I’d definitely be up for it in August…

If it was possible to do so I would! Really starting to miss the sunshine, hopefully it’ll start to brighten up pretty soon!

How about one of the Tommy Hill Trackdays in August?

Wednesday 8th August -

Wednesday 29th August -

Speaking to all of you and a couple of other forums has really given me the buzz to want to get my DAS sorted. Got the CBT and passed the Theory Test…think I’m going to have to get a move on! :stuck_out_tongue: