London Bikers Fantasy Premier League

Perez suggested creating a London Bikers Fantasy Premier League on , so I did :slight_smile:

If you already have a team you can join the league by visiting the page above, clicking on the ‘Leagues’ tab, then clicking on ‘Join a League’ and entering the London Bikers League PIN which is: 886428-448050

If you want to join and don’t already have a team you’ll need to create an account and pick a team first. As we’re two weeks into the season already you’ll be missing points for those two weeks, but it’s pretty easy to catch up if skill/luck is on your side :smiley:

Any questions let me know.

I didnt see this before i started a league and posted it!! i will delete my league and thread and enter you league, well played my friend.

by the way, if people want to enter the league but think it is unfair that we have an extra 2 weeks of points then them, we can set the league to start from gameweek 3.


don’t seem to be too much interest though - waxy? MK?

Im in, will do it tonight. And lets start from week 3 :slight_smile:

Will do, I’ll reset it so it only starts at week 3 :slight_smile:

EDIT: Done, scoring will start on 27th August

havnt got a clue how it works, but ive spent all me money on randoms and joined the league!!

I’ll have look tonight. Can’t open link in work

I don’t know the names of 11 footballers…but that didn’t stop me picking a fantasy MotoGP team!!

Now watch me pick 11 people out on injuries :frowning:

Good show! :slight_smile:

You can do an automatic pick I think if you’re not sure of players - the website will pick your team for you.

The thing to remember in this league is to make sure you pick your captain wisely, the captain will get double points for every game, so you want to make sure your captain is a) actually playing, and b) getting more points than the other players in your team - so usually a forward who is in some good form.

EDIT: Also, The Scout section of the site has some good pointers on picking players if you have time to have a look:

just joined, top of my other private league so watch out!!!

good i need more teams where i can steal ideas from!!! :smiley:

7 of us in the league now - 2 days to pick a team and join before the points start - any more for any more?