"london bikers.com is not responding"

Is anyone else getting this regularly at the moment? Since about Thursday last week, the site keeps shutting off?

(Before you slag off our computer again it’s not just happening on the main HQ one, but on a fast model at work too)

Yes I do on the work computer occasionally. Then the page refreshes and I get to have another go.

nope not for me

kept crashing all morninhg

What browser are you using?
I’m not having any issues with either Safari or Firefox

nope, not had any issues in IE9

no problems either, from various OSes and browsers and network settings…

I blame old age dementia :w00t:

Nope, no problems for me either - using Firefox on my Mac.

yep i get it too with ie 9

Is it ony LB this is happening with or any other sites?

It could be down to your graphics card or its driver. Try switching the setting in IE9 internet options, advanced, accelerated graphics. Change to ‘use software rendering’ and see if that helps.
I’ve heard that if IE9 encounters a software issue it can sometimes give a ‘website not responding’ message

Another option is to use firefox or chrome…

Sorry don’t understand any of that ^^ but it is only on LB.

then the only thing i can think of is maybe some kind of proxy issue with your anti-virus having an issue with one of the links at the top of the page…either that or which-craft.

I’m sure somebody will be along soon with a more suitable answer :laugh:

mines doing it. At home on iMac and MacPro.

Also at work running 1995 technology!

is possible you’re on a [email protected] broadband service?

This is definitely only on LB, on two separate computers using different browsers and services. And it is getting worse as time goes on - freezes more often.

Edit: In the last 10 minutes something seems to have given it a kick & things are whizzing along nicely again. Thank you if someone remedied it:)

yeah I’ve been having trouble aswell. seems trouble is my midle name at the moment.:frowning:

Aye, IE9 seems to freeze then maybe crash within two linkclicks for me here on LB. Happens mostly in the evenings and on TRC site. Otherbrowser makes seem unaffected.


I just tried switching to IE9 software graphics as suggestedand clicked quite a few pages before the crash and for the first time ever gota message regarding a script error called prettyPhoto… who’s using that then?

I’m having problems on all the forums I visit when using I.E. with the program not responding, so I switched to using Google Chrome and they’re all running perfectly.

Does anyone know how to transfer the Favorites list from I.E. to Chrome?

IE9 does seem a bit buggy…they’ll remedy it just before IE10 is released with a whole other set of issues!

As far as im aware, you can import your favourites into chrome by clicking the spanner icon in Chrome, select import book marks and settings, select Internet Explorer from the dropdown, check the options you want to import, click the go/import button

This will only import organised bookmarks though i think, if you have bookmarks say in the standard folder, they may not be imported and you may have to organise them in IE and then repeat the steps above.

hope this helps

Blame Mr Jetstream… He breaks everything!! Look at BB 2.whatever :Whistling: