London Bikers Club MSV Trackday - Round 2

Hey guys,

Since the track evening at Brands Hatch on 31st May was such a success (apart from Andy coming off his bike!), I think it’s now time for us to set up Round 2!

As some of you may know already, if we get 10 or more riders together, I can take 10% off every booking (including any additions such as one-to-one instruction) and also reserve a double garage free of charge for the club if it’s a full day event!

Please check out this link for a list of available dates:

If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Cheers, Mark

come on, LB trackday riders, show yourself :smiley:

I only have 1 requirement … a nice sunny day :smiley:

I would up for this… Tuesday better for me though!!!

I’m in

Definitely interested.

Nice one, do you think Brands Hatch would be your top choice again?

its certainly the nearest…

Myself I’ve done Brands Indy twice now. Maybe Brands GP?

Next Brands Hatch GP day is Thursday 30th August -

We had a GP day on Monday, there’s been lots of positive feedback about it already! Could be a good choice…

GP circuit is so expensive though :frowning: Would love to do it, but it is the equivalent of two track days anywhere else.

ive done it once in the rain… still had an amazing time though well worth the money i reckon

be aware its 101db noise limit for Brands GP…:crazy:

Yep, worth considering.

£219 for Sessioned Trackday on Brands GP at 101db

£165/£175 for a Sessioned Trackday on Brands Indy at 105db

Remember you would hopefully get the 10% discount though so the GP day would be £197.10.

does the 10% discount only offer at Brands Hatch circuit or any MSV circuit?

Due to my working arrangements becoming more flexible this summer, I’d like to try a trackday on the Ducati before it goes. Brands Indy on the 30th for the evening trackday seems tempting

Any MSV circuit if it’s a group booking of 10+.

We’ve still got a fair amount of places left…it’ll only be £71.10 with the group discount!

Is this for the 30th July?

Yes, Monday 30th July.