London Bikers Christmas Party


Right but it’s not your first time. I wouldn’t have thought you were virginal in anything :wink:


I’m coming Eezie, that’s all you need to know.


And it’s a second coming… :smiley:


This thread is going downhill real quick!



It’s gonna be shabby :smile:.


Claire set up a spreadsheet! Must bite tongue :slight_smile:





Good one this year! See you next year ! And probably more this year as I have a real bike now !


Great evening, thanks Claire for organising! Good to catchup with some familiar faces… :slight_smile:

Also, nice to finally visit the bike shed!


Bikergirl - Thank you for organising this. It was a great evening.


Thank you Bikergirl!



Even better than last year! Getting home just before 1 on a school night is going to hurt in the morning.


Shame I had to get up early in the morning.

Great job Bikergirl. Excellent to see everyone. Had a laugh.

Guess what? Plum promised to organise another midnight ride out.! :grin:. Good gal. Dont forget now :+1:

Love you guys


Thankyou everyone for coming, and sorry for those that couldn’t. What an amazing night it was and lovely to see the old gang back together. It’s becoming quite a thing now! You made it all happen just by being there.

I can’t wait to see you all in the new year in better form on the bike of course :wink:

Have a fantastic Christmas and here’s to a blinding 2019 :kissing_heart:


Absolutely cracking night, thank you to Claire for organising. Hopefully will see people during the coming year rather than at the end of the next. :smiley:


@Bikergirl_400 great night Claire as everyone thanks for organising.

@Jay on a site note, what about


Top night. Great to see everyone. Hopefully will see some of you on the road before next year’s party. Thanks to Clair for organising it all.