London Bikers Christmas Party


Howdy Claire,

Count me in please, have just transferred £10.00 to your account using the reference “Martin Aceman”.

I would like:
Starter: Chicken liver pate, caper seeds, sourdough.
Main: Stuffed turkey roulade wrapped in smoked bacon, with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, chipolata, roast potato but no brussel sprouts please (allergy) but maybe some extra potatoes. Please ask for this to be hot, I cannot stand warm/cold mains.
Dessert: Cheese board.

Thank you.


Can I have acemAn’s Brussels please?


I’m not sure why but I find this comment hilarious!

They do have Bluetooth ordering there Martin which actually shows the food being cooked at temperatures but you’ll probably have issues with that as well.


chicken, turkey, cheesecake. money sent. ta.


This is best Christmas do. Not long to go now.


Not sure how I missed this, is it to late to sign up Claire?


Hey Kevsta,
Never too late :wink:
Pop over your deposit and I’ll get you a place at the table and your menu choices too.
Be good to see you!


Sweet I’ll get that sorted out today. :slight_smile:



You’re only allowed to attend in hi-viz just a heads up. New safety rule! all gone mad these days


Deposit sent. Menu choices:

Chicken liver pate, caper seeds, sourdough

Stuffed turkey roulade wrapped in smoked bacon, with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, chipolata, roast potatoes & Brussel sprouts

White chocolate & raspberry cheesecake

@The_Sleeper, play your cards right… :wink:


Thanks Kevsta! Sorry for delayed reply though noted and received! See you very soon :wink:


Can’t wait until Thursday! Looking forward to seeing everyone! :slight_smile:


Is dinner server at 6:30 cos I’m going to struggle to get there in time!


For those not on FB it’s served at 7


Three more sleeps people!!!
Baby sitter booked (thanks dad)! And I’ll be there with bells on :wink:
Hope your all looking forward to this as much as I am. A couple of little things to note…
The meal is served at 7pm so arrival at 6.30pm would be appreciated just to get everyone seated and settled.

Payment details as I don’t want it to go wrong, they will take payment of the remainder of your meal once you are seated and you will pay for your drinks as you go. This just makes it easier for them and for us so there is no confusion with who owes what.

At 9pm we have half the lounge area reserved so it would be a good idea if at that time or when we have all finished we head over to that area. It’s far more social anyway and makes it easier to mingle with those we haven’t caught up with yet.

I can’t wait to catch up with you all and look forward to seeing you in just a few more days.


All set for tomorrow! Don’t forget to leave room for a proper feasting tomorrow night


And don’t forget the new rule. Anybody who’s first time it is has to sing us a song :smile:




Sorry to hear that Aceman. Get well soon buddy.

Hey Claire could you publish a list of folks that will be attending?


eezie - Ha ha. It was meant to be a follow on from your previous comment. “Anybody who’s first time it is has to sing us a song”. Poorly.

I must have changed my settings somewhere, as I cannot quote previous comments by hitting the “Reply” button.