London Bikers Christmas Party 2019

Hi there gang!

So, here it is again, the 2019 London bikers Christmas party!

I hope no one minds me stepping in and organising this one again however it’s nice for us (myself & Jaime) quite selfishly to re-connect with you guys as we don’t see you as much as we would like and this little bash does seem to bring even the most distant of us together!

I’m really looking forward to it as always.

Same as previous years applies however the Bike Shed do seem a bit more strict on getting deposits in to secure a table. So, if you can get these in ASAP that would be really really handy.

Could you please send your deposit of £10 to me to the following account and please please please remember to pop your name on as reference so I know whose is who’s!


CL De Oliveira



Have a look at the menu below and let me know what you may like and I can get your requests over at the same time.

Slightly earlier than usual however details are as follows…

November 28th (Thursday) @ 7.30pm

£36.95 + service charge



  • Duck & fig terrine served with apple & plum chutney with rustic bread

  • Breaded camembert with cranberry sauce (v)

  • Carrot, red lentil & coriander soup served with bread (v+)


  • Turkey Ballotine with pork, sage, onion & savoy cabbage stuffing, wrapped in streaky bacon, served with festive vegetables, chipolatas and gravy

  • Roasted Lamb Rump, served with garlic mash potatoes, grilled asparagus and red vine jus

  • Mushroom ravioli with rich cheese sauce, rocket and pine kernels (v)

  • Nut roast, served with festive vegetables & gravy (v+)


  • Cheese board with, stilton, brie, applewood cheddar, goat’s cheese served with biscuits & chutney (v)

  • Caramelised orange cheesecake

  • Lemon tart with raspberry sauce (GF)

  • Chocolate & orange dessert (v+) (GF)

This year I will not be pregnant and nor will I have broken bones so I will most definitely be drinking! I hope you’ll all be able to join me in doing so :wink:

Look forward to seeing you there!


Oh Jesus Christ. Is it that time already? Feels like we were there only last week.

I’m in,

Breaded Caemembert
Cheese Cake please.

Payment sent. Thank you so much for organising this again Clair.

Bloody well is Joby! Lol!
Great to have you on board and thank you for your quick response and payment as ever. look forward to seeing you again :wink:

Paid. Camembert, Lamb, Lemon.

Thanks as always Claire x

I might join you guys for drinks, but I certainly won’t be joining you for the meal again. The last two years, after asking for the meals to be served extra hot, they were served warm. The first year, I sent it back and it was reheated adequately. The second year, I sent it back, and it was returned to me, swimming in hot gravy. A few of you commented on them “taking the piss”, so I returned it again, and they got it right the third time. I regret paying for the meal before it was served. If I’d paid for it afterwards, I would not have paid the service charge. Because there was no apology, they can’t have my money for food this year.

Actually, I doubt if I’ll join you for drinks, as I’ll be hungry part way through the evening. Looks like they won’t be getting any of my money this year.

But Acey you go for the sparkling company of your fellow bikers don’t you? Bring sandwiches.

There is an excellent Turkish place just off Old Street Roundabout. You could grab a shish there before heading over.

Fantastic. Deposit sent Claire, menu choice:

Breaded camembert with cranberry sauce
Turkey Ballotine with pork, sage, onion & savoy cabbage stuffing, wrapped in streaky bacon, served with festive vegetables, chipolatas and gravy
Chocolate & orange dessert (v+) (GF)

And once again, thank you very much for organising.

Thanks for organising this again Claire. I’ve sent the cash.

Can I have the soup (there’s no dairy in it is there?), the nut roast and the soup again for desert? I’d have fruit but that’s not an option this year.

I’ll slip you a banana if you like

Sorry to hear you won’t be coming this year. Maybe come along if your in the area after :wink:

I’ll check the dairy and shall I put in a request for fruit as desert instead?

Side note I’ve received full payment for the whole meal, was it you as just trying to identify it?!

Yes I paid in full Claire was I not meant to?

Thanks Mian but the last time I accepted that offer I couldn’t sit down for a week.

£10 sent :slight_smile:

Would love to come but alas I’m at work, could rock up and say hi but wouldn’t be worth the trouble I’d get in for being in an establishment with alcohol in uniform :weary:

Unless someone’s taken ill then I have a legitimate excuse…any volunteers :innocent:

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Only the £10 deposit was required but that’s ok I’ll make a note that you’ve paid :wink:

Thanks Nick! Let me know your menu choices too :wink:

Thanks Claire


Just paid my deposit. Order below.