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Right then, been a lot of chat on various threads recently about Bikesafe and how good it is and how many folk are signing up to do it, so how about an LB exclusive bikesafe day?

I would be happy to organise this, but before I bother the Bikesafe guys and go to the effort myself, I’d like to guage the interest you folks have in the idea.

So, post below if you would like to be included, obviously more details will follow if we get enough interest but I would imagine the day would be early April at some point.

For those of you who haven’t heard of, or have no experience of bikesafe then have a look at this link,

Bikesafe London

I’ve done this twice, and really enjoyed it, the day cost £45 which IMHO is an absolute bargain. The day starts with a presentation followed by a rideout with your assessor and one other rider (1-2-1 if you are the lucky odd one out), lunch at a local restaurant included in the price, another ride, then back to base for the debreif and handing out of some goodies, like the IAM book, hi viz if you want it, pens, keyrings, stickers and stuff.

You can beleive the blurb, these guys and gals really are bikers first, they just happen to also be police officers and ride to a very high standard. Their motivation is to make you a better and therefore safer rider and they will take you out on some great roads for the assessed rides. I was knackered by the end of the day on both occaisions as the concentration levels have to remain pretty high, but I’d enjoyed myself immensly.

I would recomend this to anyone, no matter how long you have been riding, great as a bit of a check up, but apart from that it’ll be a good day out with some LB mates and a chance to ride some great roads.

get posting folks

Ride safe.

Arrrrggghhhh - just bookede mine this morning!

I think there is a discount for 2 booking together - but tbh I don’t begrudge them the £45!

You can actually get it free through your road safety officer in some councils. Tower Hamlets & Lambeth do it

I’m thinking about, just not got round to it.

But I think might have to look for next year.

Maybe next time.

I like to ride as fast as I can, when ever I can, The only time I ride relaxed is in london… So not much point really, I would just end up argueing with the traffic officer.

I see it as a simler comparison to health and safety in the work place… You can do so much, but you can’t see the helecoptor hitting the tower crane coming.Because if you could,It wouldn’t happen…

You should try a Bikesafe day - you’d be surprised what it is like. Having the attitude “It’s not worth it” when you haven’t tried it is just nonsense.

So what do they teach you… I’m all ears!

Go and find out:D

Er Road positioning, Hazard awareness, Hazard perception, Bike maintaince, Attitude towards other road users …

wow 1down…your a bloody genius then if you know EVERYTHING about biking…my hero

personally my mantra has been “you never stop learning” which has kept me alive in over 30 years of biking

definitely great idea… we got one organised last year through a member on here who organised the whole day and got us a £10 discount (wish I could remember his handle - might have been Bikesafe-London or sth like that). But tbh even without the discount it’s still worth it.

I would be up for this.

What? Where did that come from?? But er thanks for your valuable info.

This one looks like its warming up
If it keeps on I will have to book myself up for the bike safe day

i would be very interested in doing this.I only passed my test in october so some real riding tips would be great.

thanks dean

its a fun day out. not as fast as you want but its more fun to try to annoy a copper with a progressive pace and not get a ticket :smiley:


Price drops to £35 if booked together.

Interested but I think they recommend 125’s attend scooter safe.
I’m happy to arrange the 125 and scooter day…

Also, 1Down, remember what I said about putting your keysword down?

I am definitley interested as I haven’t booked yet. This thread came upat the right time!:smiley:

Count me in!

Oh and thanks KTM D for taking the trouble to do this! :wink:

Doh, just booked myself in a couple of days ago. Otherwise, yes, I would have joined you all.

BTW, if you book in at Romford, it’s only £35 standard price. Might be wrong end of town for some, but worth noting if you’re anywhere East.

And if you think you’ve got nothing more to learn, then you probably really do have a lot to learn…

think this post says it all really…