London Bike show

Is anyone going to the show, i`ve booked my tickets and shall be going with Richm on Thursday 1st Feb which is the opening day of the show. It would be good to meet other members from here.

As Ducati are going to be there, YES

Not sure which day though.

Yeap I’ll definately be there :slight_smile: Don’t know what day yet…

Bookings of 10+ tickets get a 10% discount

I’m going, but can only make it on the Sunday


Should be there most days.

I try and slip pepes in for nowt too.
8 last yr, lol, at the ally pally do.

definitely interested, I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I saw the add, but haven’t booked yet nor do I know which day, if a group of LB are getting together, then please let me know


Look who’s going to be there