London Bike Show

Hello I’m new. Just wondering if anyone had been to the London bike show and what was there - any cool stuff, new places to buy stuff from??

Hi and welcome aboard.
Where are you and what do you ride would be nice before asking questions.

Sorry didn’t mean to be rude - new to this game. I’m in North Wales and own a SV650 2004 and big BSB fan, big mates with Red Viper Racing.

Hello and welcome, we were all new at one point:)

Pop along to the newbie thread and say hello:cool:

Cheers for the welcome - just was thinking of going down to the show tomorrow and wanted to know if it was worth the miles??

I have 2 free tickets sitting here on my coffee table, but judging from the very negative comments of those members who have been so far, they might be staying there until they find the dustbin;)

Are right - maybe leave it then - cheers for the headsup:)

Don`t worry about it as i understand now, your welsh.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey - no need for that :smiley: - so have you heard anything about the show - most says it’s rubbish

MCN girls were worth looking at… Terry Grant in the Stunt show was a nutter.

Bikes… Oh yeh… Sat on the Ducati 848 and laughed… How can anyone ride one of those…

Wasn’t too bad a day out I suppose… Better than being at home nagged at by the wife.:smiley:

Cheers for that - which Superbike teams were there if you mind me asking?? Did you see Red Viper Racing??

UKFMX were there… Not sure if the same team there everyday…

I thought that about the girls when i got close too :P;)

hhhmmmmmm MCN girls…:Whistling:

Red viper were there every day, I had a good chat with them.

They said the show was a bit quiet thurs / fri and they wished they had brought the bits to build the spare bike up, think that would of been good to see them build a superbike live.

The show was good and bargins were to be had.


Hello & Welcome to LB :smiley: