London Bike Safe

Hi All

Have any of you been on the bike safe?

Reason is, I am doing it on Sunday at the Warren in West Wickam.


I did the day at the Ace Cafe. It was superb. The guys are really friendly and they will treat you like adults. They did not have a problem with black visors or loud exhausts - they actually took the mick out of someone who had spent half the night putting all the legal stuff back on their bike!

Take it for what it is - they will point you in the direction and give you a few ideas - and it is all done in good humour.

I hope you enjoy it.

Russ I put my name down at the last BSB to do it there but still waiting, the guys ther eseemed really cool. I asked about loud cans and small plates and all they said was as long as the bike was in good working order with good boots there was no problem, let us know how you get on m8

I wish the two officers who gave me a £30 fine last night for my numberplate had thought like that tws_636. Mumble, grumble… It wasn’t even that small! Oh well, you can’t win them all.

He he
Join the club matey!

Mmmmm… No you can’t grumble Jay… you were lucky… He he he… Naughty Boy!!!

Sorry Jay

It is unusual to get a ticket for this. They should give you the chance to get the plate sorted.

Don’t be sorry Lofty, I take it on the chin, I know I’m breaking the rules, but who wants an air-brake fitted to the back of their bike? It’s a small price to pay for satisfying my vanity.