London Bike Festival @ Wanstead

Just been to this “event”. Complete waste of time and a lack on exhibitors. How on earth they can justify £ 8 entrance I don’t know. I’d have been disappointed if I had not paid anything!

thanks cos now I wont feel bad for not bothering to go!

Yeah i went to wish i did not bother damn glad i did not pay the full £8.

i spoke to a friend of mine who has a stall at a lot of the shows etc and she said was expensive for stall pitches anyway and she would not be bothering.

totally agree - a rip off!

That’s pretty much what LB’s resident stallholder said about Ally pally as well - if the exhibitors price the stallholders out of the market, the punters end up feeling ripped off and the event dies on its feet… very short sighted.

Glad I decided to go to Boxhill from the Ace rather than carry on round and have a look at this…

the ally pally this yr was a lot cheaper than many others but didnt pay off really in the numbers through the doors.the thing about this 1 is they claim cos of the high price for stalls at earls court custom show this would be better but it was not.

Went along, was pretty crap really ! I managed to get a free ticket but my brother had to fork out 8 quid ! Mind you my daughter got her face painted for free…

Well it was good to see a couple of you there, but that could have been done elsewhere and saved money. Shame it wasn’t better.

Couldn’t agree more

was a bit cack really

+1 :wink:

popped in on the way back from the pet food run and actually thought it had finished, but there was still 2 hours left. Virtually deserted, other than some loverly ladies hanging around :wink:

what a total waste of time and money. there were more burger stalls than anything else, thought the show at detling was bad, but this really took the biscuit, i think we should all get a refund, :wink:

I paid the full £8 entrance, looking at the bikes in the parking area was the best bit. Complete waste of time. Only upside was it didn’t rain while I was there. There was even a stall showcasing electric bicycles, I guess they must have got confused about what kind of bike festival it was.

i feel it was very poor, but from an acorn did not a mighty oak grow

This thread is useless without pictures!! lol :wink:

what a waste of time was told we were to early and told to wait outside once inside all it took was 10minutes to see a load of crap should have stayed in bed or better still gone to a car boot sale :w00t:

Lucky git - I would be feeling entirely ripped off had it not been for the fun off-road racing around the edge of the field after the jobsworth on the gate would not let us drive a couple of metres “the wrong way” to get out!

the 4 lbf girls i saw minged!