London Air ambulance

hi to you all, just a reminder that the hems cheesey disco is tonight , all the music fron 70’s and 80,s , will be good if any of you can get down there to meet the crew , nurses, etc. chris… the venue is the pickwick, lemen st, E1. £5 on the door all proceeds to the air ambulance, 8pm till late ( 4am license guys and girls ).

Guys and Girls … get there if you can.

I was a customer of thiers today and I can’t say how great they are - even though I didn’t need them thankfully, though everyone else seemed to think I did !!

why what happened mate

Was in an accident mate. I was trapped in the car till the Fire Brigade got to us. In the meantime HEMS had Landed and were looking after me in the car.

Thankfully nothing but bruises and whiplash. At home now so hot bath and then bed - dreading tomorrow though, always hurts a bit more then.

Oh My God!! I hope you are ok, and that you fon’t feel more pain tomorrow!!


Hope you not too bruised and sore this morning Trojan, was it a works or private car. If a works supprised they didnt put van exclusion zone round it case any of your “toys” went off.


I couldnt make it Chris…My Apoll,s…I didnt realize I had a Family Dinner to attend.

I definately want to come over and talk about that Debden Event and will give you a Bell soon.

Pm Sent Baz !!

Soz for hijacking the thread. Hope the guys made a few quid and if any of my lot from next door popped in, I hope they behaved !!

Hey Baz, are you ok now?

Just awaiting a ‘police’ taxi to take me back to hospital, didn’t sleep at all last night and my shoulder / arm is in a bit of a sorry state. it’s gone some right nice colours though !

So hopefully it’ll be all confirmed as bruising etc and then after a few days rest I’ll be back on the bike and at work.

Surely then the benevolent fund should stretch to sorting a nice little nurse to give you BJ’s on bupa. After all it’ll help speed up your recuperation.

Well it wouldn’t do me any harm would it !

Should be in your contract, the amount of freaky ****e you got to put up with in the line of duty.

I was hoping tpo make the party but the excesses of Friday night got the better of me

Baz - hope your ok

Cheers for the best wishes here and via PM guys.

I’m fine apart from whiplash, loads of bruising and a possible fractured shoulder which I’m seeing a specialist for on Wednesday - if it is it will be a small fracture so it should be treated with no problems. My mates in the car were ok (ish), one with lots of bruising etc and the other with a broken foot which needs to be operated on.

Here’s a pic of the car, can’t really discuss what happened as it’s all being investigated but we were running to a shout where occupants of a house were being threatened by a group of males with guns … so no, we weren’t rushing back to get our tea !!

I was in the back and due to the crash was trapped in the car until freed by London’s Bravest whilst being looked after by Hems and Paramedics (well, I was actually arguing with them that I was fine and getting a bollocking for moving and trying to get out!!).

The Hems staff were great (as was everyone else) so give em all your money ! The Hems Doc as well as most of the other responders to it reckoned that none of us should have walked away from the car - so I’m feeling a bit lucky at the moment !

So, it’ll probably be a couple of weeks rest for me and probably no bike for a little while too !

Got lots of nice tablets to help me sleep now though !



Looks as though you were ‘making good progress’

Glad you and your team are ok

Well survived, keep taking the tablets.

Ooops, that’s a heavy one mate.

God’s speed with your recovery.

Bloody hell, lucky escape that one,

Here’s to a speedy recovery.

nice one Trojan, glad to hear you are ok mate - take it easy for a few days - I know from experience shoulder injuries take an age to heal (because you use them all day long!)

nice one mate