Great quality videos…:smiley:

What setup are you using?


Great quality and no shaking.

One of the best camera result I have ever seen! :smooooth:

I like that, nice journey, great quality vids, what equipment do you use?

When was this taken… it seems to be a sunny day… haven’t seen one of those in a while :wink:

Great videos!

Great vids and a quality soundtrack!!

Nokia N86 ducktaped to the front. :smiley:

Be sure to check out my other videos!

makes me miss london so much, nottingham sucks in comparison!

Great Stuff , Enjoyed watching that :smiley:

I has to watch part one and part 2, as part one, is 3 quarters of my own commute, and it was quite surreal watching.

Blimey I wish my commute was that free flowing, what time of the day was that :w00t:

Could do with angling the camera down a tad, less sky would stop the auto exposure from darkening the screen on and off.

Nice quality overall though :slight_smile:

Amazing quality, if it was rly a mobile phone.