lol, i'm the only one

viewing this forum at this time of night and i’ve got work tomorrow at 8.30 :smiley:

no ur not :stuck_out_tongue:

oh ****, i’m not alone after all, someone by the name of Mr-C is viewing this forum too, what on earth are they doing at this time of night?!isn’t it a bed time now :smiley:

what’s bedtime? lolz

damn, where did you come from you must have some sort of an alarm that lets you know someone posted new topic :slight_smile: is there someone keeping you awake? …erm a baby maybe?

he lives with his mummy - i’m just a night owl

you got a good deal then :wink:

Anna, what were you doing up at that time?:wink:

She had a nightmare and wet the bed :P:D

Mr C and Mr Ramone - are definitely two of LBs more “well rounded” posters :wink:


Hello Pot, this is kettle calling :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

And to think - a few days ago I held back from having a pop at someone who started two threads because his bike wouldn’t start due to a lack of petrol :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue: Memories of being in a car park with him on the phone to the RAC before I asked if he’d checked his kill switch came flooding back but I resisted the urge to share with the group :Whistling:

Glad you are well anyway mate :slight_smile: have you gone back to Africa or still in Blighty?

why would you be checking my bed sheets? :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s hilarious :smiley:

i went out, then decided to listen to music…i’m having my nightmare right now :wink:

Mr C - I’ve never claimed to be intelligent - just good looking;)Back in Nigeria a week - still toying with the idea of buying a 125 but sensibly deciding against it for now…

Did you do the stiff test Wasp? Your sure she wet the bed and not sumat else? ;):w00t::hehe:

Mmm, I thought this thread was gonna be about Tiggers?:blush: