LOL - Darwin Wins - Chav v Gravity

  • Moped :slight_smile:

that is almost unbelieveable, i had to watch it twice.

what a bunch of complete muppets

ha ha ha class. love to see them do it with a BUSA lol.

Oh my god! Retards! That was very bad, those girls look like they’re going to be in a world of pain.

Quality! Do hope their injuries don’t prevent the chav slappers from breeding [snarf, snarf]

Class thats going to hurt in the morning what a bunch or arse’s

Darwinism in action…

And it’s the merry go round for the WIN!!! ROFL


not gravity, but, centrafugal force, or something…

I dunno, I was sitting with the girls in science…

Looking back at the girls skirts more like, GoF

How can they expect any teenage boy to learn things in school with all those hormones…

(good job I got moved into a boffin group full of ugly girls or I never would have passed, hehe)

If you liked that… don’t miss the remix:

Pissing myself laughing.