Logged in as a guest

I’ve just registered as an LB member in the last week (loving it so far) but having welcomed me back, the top of each page tells me I’m logged in as a guest.

I started this topic and the “Logged in as:” changed to tommymac. It’s not the greatest of problems but I have to close Internet Explorer, restart it and visit the site to logout.

I accept it’s probably something I’m doing wrong so I’m ready for the slap on the wrist

Some (not all, or most even) have this problem. It seems to be a discrepency between the main site, and the forums, in the way the users are tracked. I’m looking into it on an ongoing basis, but it’s a tricky one! I’m sorry you have to go through this, though don’t worry about logging out, it will do this automatically when you close the browser. If you see guest at the top, go back to the homepage and log back in.

Do you use the ‘remember me’ feature of the login box?

I’m glad you’re enjoying LB, we’re working hard to make it the best biking website in the UK.