Log on names

General question: If I find a name which has been registered but the person has no posts asigned to it, can I ask admin to swap it over with mine (yes Niceday is a $hit name IMO and want something else)

Cheers for the help.

try the name who ate all the pies

I was looking at your first name…MrFatBunt .

Nar mate, I’m wanting that Matty P name. (please remove and I’m very sorry to all family if I’m blind and this person has passed away and that is the reason for their lack of posting).

It was the name that I had back in NZ when I was younger. Niceday was just a place where I’d asked someone to get me some things from.

Anyway, why you called Ginger? Should it not be fat minger?

Mate, may go for a little blast friday night if the weather is nice - will PM you if so.

most people sign up but dont post this is due to the fact that all they wanna do is read the forum like the articles and about the racing

why dont you just have the same name that you are on thelondonbikers.com

Nar, that is the name I keep for TLB and one other forum (no not a Amsterdam one ).

I was just thinking that if you have not posted for over a year should your name not go back into the pot for someone else to use? I know that I could just put up MATTYP but having a name so close whould just pi$$ me off.

Anyway, maybe time for something new like kiwioverstayer

I’m sure we can do that mate.

Jay, Kiwioverstayer is only a joke, I got a British passport from North London for £200 when I got here . But, if your talking about Matty P then thats all good

I think it’s a good idea that if somebody has not posted for a period of time I.e 12 months their Forum name should be available for someone else to use, i belong to a few forums and have been lucky that the name i have chosen is always available…

Hmmm i wonder why?