Lock your bike to something - vans stealing bikes across london NOW!

the full story in the stolen section But my KTM 950sm was pinched from Greenwich at 8pm on friday 29th, an almost new KTM 690 enduro was pinched in orpington 2 hours earlier on the same night and i’ve just seen 3 likely lads in a luton taillift van casing bikes outside J&S in New malden.

there are ‘crews’ out there NOW casing & stealing bikes parked on the street. Doesn’t matter if they are locked and alarmed as mine was - it needs to be locked to something or be completely out of sight from the road.

don’t imagine you’ll see it happen either - both the KTMs were taken within 3 minutes max.

keep your eyes peeled - if you see a van stopped next to parked bike(s) - do the right thing and take 2 minutes out of your schedule to watch / photograph what they are up to

And yet again I decide against buying a sports bike… But I suppose they’ll take anything. If they ever do Nick my bike I’m going to buy a travel card. Might just sell mine anyway. Sad state of affairs

Nick what did you get?

Nothing. Too many factors speaking against getting another bike

I really is shit when the actions of others are preventing you from owning and enjoying the bike of your choice. I don’t think that I’d keep the bike that I’ve got at the moment if I couldn’t keep it garaged when I’m not using it. I already refuse to use it for work as it’s just too easy to nick.

I work in the west end and have to park in a bike bay, often work till 3 am. How long do you think a sexy little sports bike would last? Why should I buy something nice just so that someone else can just take it from me? I’ll keep on with my bike, but quite frankly if someone takes it I’ll collect the insurance money and not get another one till I move to a safer part of the world.

Seeing how many bikes are getting stolen lately I’m seriously reconsidering commuting to my next place of work (contract) on my bike. It was perfect while I had a spot in the basement of Heron Tower but I can’t imagine leaving mine on the street, unchained and unattended anymore. I like it too much to lose.

If I worked in central Big Smoke, I’d buy an old hack, something like a Hornet or an ER5, with tatty bodywork, for commuting.

If I worked in central Big Smoke, I'd buy an old hack, something like a Hornet or an ER5, with tatty bodywork, for commuting. Aceman
I'm looking to upgrade from my cbf, and i think I'd going this direction - as much as I'd like to buy a sports bike its just not practical since i only commute.