Lock down projects

Seeing as we cant go i what have you been doing at home. I have used this time to do my decking

Then install a on sweet in the bedroom

Then i removed a old built in cupboards and installed a sliding door system

Then built a feature wall around my fireplace

Then last project of the year the downstairs bathroom

I have spent loads, but saved a lot more. I have learnt so much. I know it is not perfect but i done it, so it is perfect for me . Lets see what you lot have been up too


dude! that is a lot f great work!! well done!

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Pan is right that is a lot of work.

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Great work @Bigty! That sure is a lot of work. You sure would have saved a fortune on labour costs.

Thanks like you i have invested heavily in new tools :joy:

I better not show the wife these pics!

Man your bathroom pic, brings back memories of the last time I did mine. Never run in to so many issues on one project.

In this episode of, “No half measures.”

@Bigty Dude, that is so impressive.

Thanks, everyone. But im sure i am not the only one please show your projects too. Bike projects, car, extensions, go karts etc

Just to put yours into context and mine into shame. Back at the start of October I started replacing the blind. I wasn’t happy with fit first time so took brackets down, removed poorly fitting raw plugs and replastered with polyfilla. Then tried to fix it with sugru. The sugru worked but the plaster didn’t hold as the blind was on pressure. Cue about a month on and this is the ‘project’…

I’ll get to it tomorrow but it will look like shit compared to yours.

Impressive work there!


Once we move, every room will be a project

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What happens when you buy a bigger TV? :wink:

He has a new project.

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Dont mention that to my wife plz 55inches is enough :joy:

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Motivated by this thread to do a little Christmas hols at home job, not really lockdown but locked in!

Thought I’d restore my table and chairs, haven’t touched it in 10 years and it had black staining from water marks and cup rings etc. Needed some love.

Sanded off the old wax and dirt, oxalic acid on the black marks, wash down then Briwax x 2 then buff.

Bloody started raining just as I was sanding the table top so did all the waxing inside, smells lovely (solvent) in here!


Thats gonna look really good

Pleased with the result.


I’ll have to remember this term :laughing:


No diy but I have taken up leatherwork during the lockdown


That’s awesome!!