Locations to live

Hey guys,

I’m on the look out for a place that’s going to have a garage or something where I can safely and securely store the bike. 

Being new to London I’m not sure how far out I need to look to get a good chance of finding a house with something like this - so far it’s proving pretty tricky.

Keen to hear your suggestions! 

A garage that’s “safe and secure” … okay I have something in mind … but the commute from Shetlands is a bit of a trek !!!

Garage, safe and secure… ummm try Switzerland or Finland XD!

Live East Die Young Bruv!!

Garage, safe and secure... ummm try Switzerland or Finland XD!

Live East Die Young Bruv!!

hahaha too funny dude

it depends on how rich you are! but probably looking >10 miles out of the centre.

@Abzero thanks man!

You buy my house, it has a garage and it’s near a tube for when you can’t ride

Depends on your budget. I quite like this one but it’s probably slightly out of my price range…


I’m selling my house in Balham if you want to buy it off me ;) 6 miles from the City and it has a garage that is as secure as any.

Seriously though, look for large developments built maybe 10-30 years ago, they often have garages. Mine was built in 1998 when an old Hospital was demolished.

@Fionnlagh Thank you - where is your house located in terms of region so I know where to look? 

Depends on your budget. I quite like this one but it's probably slightly out of my price range...


I dread to think how expensive that is.
@Fionnlagh Thank you - where is your house located in terms of region so I know where to look?  JAX
South West, down the Northern Line.

I’m assuming you are renting, here is something in my development:


@Fionnlagh - Now we’re talkin!! Thank you for this, major help and what I’m after

I live in north London, it’s nice here, plenty of new developments In north Finchley and Barnet with garages, a couple are just starting rent now, have a look in the area and when you get a bike you can come fanny about with me after work and weekends :slight_smile:

Pre warning I am not gonna be much faster than 65 mph hahaha

Haha yes I know about your bike Vince. I’ll check out the area! 

if you don’t mind living in an apartment you might not have to move that far out, quite a few have underground or gated off parking areas. I live on the border of Zone 2 in an apartment block with gated parking. The only way in is through a coded pedestrian gate that is too narrow to fit a bike without planning and effort, or car gate which requires a key fob and doesn’t open from the inside.

Check out Enfield borough.  I’m in Edmonton, very near Edmonton Green train station and bus terminus.  Quite a few of the houses have garages, and that’s why I moved.  Some have side or rear access to gardens.

I’d suggest you look at www.zoopla.com and type in your requirements.

Thanks for the info guys! 

@Neddy, I would like the arrangement you’re talking about! It’s quite hard to find on spareroom - might be looking in the wrong place? 

@Aceman thanks for the info mate

The hardest thing on my search is finding places that have these secure carparks! 

Garages are great.  But still need a decent ground anchor and an Almax chain.