Local sh*ts nick ANOTHER bike!!!

You might remember my son’s CG125 got stolen and burnt out a few months ago? Well they’ve only bleedin’ gone and done it again.

After the previous theft, someone kindly donated a couple of DT125s that between them could possibly be cobbled together to make a running bike. So sitting on my trailer were 2 bikes (one only just a frame and two wheels) with the engines in my shed.

I left here yesterday evening at 7pm, bikes still on trailer. Came back this morning, bikes gone. Fortunately I’d chained the trailer to the tree otherwise they’d have had that too, no doubt.

It was reported to the police, but as they were SORN and had no engines they don’t even class as theft of motor vehicle. But those little sh!tes are SOOOO not in my good books. I could spit. And when I said that I hoped the toads that nicked the bikes got soaked in the rain last night, catch pneumonia and die, the woman on the other end of the phone asked if I thought the sentiment was a bit strong and would I like to retract it! Retract it, my arse!!! I was holding off expressing what I REALLY think of them!

What a [email protected]!

Today morning somebody took my bike cover off on the back. They didn’t nick my bike because I have it chained to the ground anchor. Hopefully they never come back…

I feel sorry about your stuff. Good to buy a decent chain next time.

Almax, here I come!

God i remember that! bunch of ****ing ass holes are you sure they havent got it in for you on a personal level or something? sorry to hear that .

Maybe you should set something up, leave a bike outside, turn the lights off and lay in wait. What you then decide to do to them is up to you.

I’d be inclined to set up a booby trapped bike.

You can’t beat a 12 Bore Alarm mine for that “Poo your pants moment”


A 12 bore blank going off in your ear is guaranteed to wake up the whole street

Almax for 2 POS without engines! What is the world coming to!

Real sorry to hear CM (don’t mean to insult your P&J )

p.s. got somthing for you since that ride.

I love booby traps we set one up and it worked trying to protect my bandit 1200 they broke open shed door and …SMACK hit straight in the face by a shovel and we sat and watched then ran out the door swinging baseball bats soooooo funny oh and guess wot he never came back

No, silly, the Almax is for my PROPER bike - no point getting 'em for the ones with no engines COS I DON’T HAVE THEM ANY MORE!!!

Well I do have the engine bits…

And Stu, I think we need to arrange an ‘assignation’ some time. When are you around?

I like it!

Little buggers, you find a way to detain them and we can arrange a little polite conversation to see if we can clear things up