Local Dealers East London

Anyone know any decent one’s??

The only ones I can think of are ;

Johns of Romford

Bacons Motorcycles

Woodford Motorcycles

and North city triumph:P

Gold Leaf Engineering is the dog’s bollox round there.

Double R on Leytonstone High Road.

Nice bloke if you can get past his gruff attitude, he deals with a lot of idiots…one example while I was there…

Hi mate, have you got an exhaust for a piaggo scooter?

Which one?

I dunno…

If I had to deal with that day in day out I think I would be a bit gruff :smiley:

Kaos lol , I have been there in the past , I think I know the guy your on about , Thanks for reminding me about his place !

there a guy in Bow , named jo … he’s got the uber cro :slight_smile:

No declared interests then …

Kaos recommends his best mate
Westie recommends his place of employment

I’ve parted with hard earned at Johns, Bacons, Woodford, Double R and North City and would recommend them all. Another two reputable dealers to add to your East London list are

Waltham Cross Motorcycles, 50-54 Crossbrook Street, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN8 8JQ Tel. 01992 625 173Neil Harris Motorcycles, 28 Chingford Mount Road, Chingford, London E4 9AB Tel. 0208 527 7330

Or if your looking for tyres, servicing etc. try

Essential Rubber, Unit 3, Barratt Park Industrial Estate, Gillender Street, London, E3 3JX Tel. 0207 987 5144

Thanks for advice guys

dan come.see me at work for a chat :slight_smile: