local councils giving out £100 fines

Heard that Westmister council are taking on traffic enforcement from 01 Jan, couldn’t find anything on their website, but it follows if Islington are doing this…


Be careful

Hate to say it but I’m in favour of it. There will be lots of broke taxi drivers and a lot more uninjured riders

When I look at it that way I can’t get the grin off my face.

I too am in favour, been caught out a few times by the U-Turners in no U-Turn zones.

I think we should give out fines to the councils for there crap roads!

I’m for it, but I’d like to see them give bikers the right to use all or the majority of bus lanes they do t’up north… then again I suppose Westminster is more concerned with the ‘revenue’ they will collect from this venture

Still, too many muppets on the road who need edumacating and so this is all for a good cause.

The results from the bus lane trials should be published soon so wait out on that one.

“edumacating” I love the irony of that spelling

I agree re the bus lanes, however, other than the one on the M4, I am not convinced they would all work. I regularly use the one coming into Streatham (A23?) and it lulls me into a false sense of security. I ride along this lovely clear lane much faster than filtering passed the clogged up outside lane. The downside of this is cars coming from the opposite direction turning right across me. If I was to hit one, it woudl be more damaging than a car pulling out from the left when filtering as I would be travelling at a more cautious speed.


no plate recognition cameras on pavements though, lol

I ride on the A23 from Brixton towards the city and it is great when you dont have a bus sitting behind a pushbike

I’m sick of prats doing U-turns… I have been caught out a couple of times!!! Bring it on…

Hope you’ve never been off though?!