Local council to issue speeding fines!

Not sure where I stand on this one and it only one for now but all the other councils will be watching them closely to see how they get one!

It will be interesting to see how many quick buck lawyers latch onto this and contest a load of cases, given that they will question under what authority they were conducting the checks, what training they have ben given and their competence to operate said equipment and and, and…

Interesting days ahead thats for sure


It’s a £130 fine with a 50% discount if paid within 14 days & they have no powers to add points to licences. So it’s basically the same as getting a parking fine, or ignoring one of those school safety zones they’ve recently rolled out.

I can’t see a lawyer taking on a case for less than £130 & as there’s no points involved, why would anyone pay them more than that to do so?

@Pat Most cases would be handled under a legal expenses policy so in many instances there would be no cost to the policy holder.

Many will contest it as a matter of principle just as they do now with speed cameras

Pencils not to self to avoid Wandsworth

Just another Local Authority revenue stream to pay fat cat CEO salaries and pensions

I think this is crouching on dangerous ground, to give police-like powers to non-police people/organisations.

Aren’t local councils already issuing PFN’s for the policing of bus lanes, restricted access streets, jumping traffic lights, parking enforcement and then some.

Yes,I was issued with PFN in oxford for entering a bus lane.

@National_Treasure It is called delegated authority. Certain offences can be dealt with by councils and other authorities similar to parking offences, but the issue with these civillian speed camera volunteers is going to be that their skill, knowledge and ability to enforce is going to be brought into question.

One of the reasons why only traffic cops have been traditionally been allowed to report for speed offences is because of their experience, knowledge and training.

They are allowed to give evidence of opinion that triggers (no pun intended) the speed check n the first place and they have the training on all the various types of equipment.

These amateurs do not have (in most cases) that knowledge or experience and this is what s going to be brought into question

Haven’t speed cameras been operated by non traffic cops for decades?

This isn’t something being run by or operated by volunteers in Hi-viz jackets with old radar guns like the Community Roadwatch thing. It’s Wandsworth council using Home Office approved speed cameras, the same ones used all over the country already, probably outsourced to one of the existing speed camera partnership companies.

The only difference is the council gets to keep the FPN revenues rather than them going to central govt, but they cannot issue penalty points.

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@Pat our Parish Council and neighbouring Parish Councils operate a volunteer system using donated, out of calibration and obsolete hand held devices issued to jobs worth geriatrics with virtually no training. They operate in gangs of three - one to eyeball approaching vehicles to make an assessment of speed, one to operate the gun and one to note the number plate. In practice the eyeballing geri also notes the number plate as a check, any suspected infringements receive a ticking off letter from the local Constabulary, no PFN’s, no points.

What Wandsworth are doing is similar, the operators will be on the ground using hand held equipment, probably in gangs of two. The difference will be the Wandsworth operators will be on the Council pay roll, possible borrowed from the Parking Enforcement Department and we know what blunt tools that team are. Training will cover little more than how to turn the equipment on and off and errors in procedure will be plentiful. Its those errors in procedure I think that @T.C is pointing out and that will lead to many an appeal and cancelled FPN. Let’s hope the appeals and legal representation costs far out weigh Wandsworth’s revenue stream.

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The bbc story in the original post states that ‘drivers breaking the speed limit will be caught on camera’.

I used to cycle to work down priory lane, it’s a 20mph limit with 3 schools on it, Richmond park at one end (which is also a 20 limit) and a set of traffic lights (which makes speeding pretty pointless) at the other.

Drivers doing 40mph down the middle section during rush hour is not unusual, i have no problem with them getting fined.

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@National_Treasure Thank you for explaining what I meant far better than I explained myself :+1:

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You had me excited until Slough


I guess with use of the bus lanes, at least you’d be able to get out quicker.

don’t dis it till you have experienced it

I’ve been to Slough quite a few times for work. Can’t say I’ve ever stayed over to get the full ex.perience.

actually I don’t think it is a great place to go out but there are so many great places such as Windsor 10 mins away

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