Local Bike Valeter....


Looking for a hot swedish looking chick with nice firm breasts and a low cut top to wet wash my bike down to the frame?

If not available…Anyone know a good valeter who will make my bike look brand new?

Its a fairing off job, 4-5 hours.

If you want faring removal, just park it near a council estate.
Kids as young as 5 are all Gixxer mechanics there. :hehe:

Contact Sipermoto; http://londonbikers.com/forums/UserInfo3457.aspx :wink:


heard only good things about mo clean on here… :slight_smile:

I need my bike cleaning Mr Moto clean said he can only do like next friday.thats no good…:w00t:

Anyone else? anyone decent as I am a fussy ****** and if it ain’t done proper u won’t get paid simple?

is that his username preggers?


Serious suggestion… Westie! He is amazing at valeting.

I should do it myself really I am just lazy

Yeah but Westie will want to polish my bell-end as well:D

I’ve e-mailed Mo Clean and that Moto dude, who ever replies first wins my money:)

Thanks fellow sex offenders

I don’t think Mo-clean do fairing off, in fact I ddon’t know any valeters that do.

on his website it says he does:)

where you based? m8 runs this lot out at staines: www.a2d.co.uk

I dont think he’s got a username you clusterfuck, its his business name :smiley: do a search :wink:

Freddy Trotts - 07966 249963

Wheres Mr Muscles when you need him man…