Loading Ramp and SWB Van

So I made a spur of the moment booking into a Donnington track day for this Thursday, and as these things go I don’t have a ramp to get the bike into the van.

Just trying to avoid renting a van with a tail lift so if anyone has one for sale that lives close-ish to Reading please let me know.

I’ve had to use a scaffold plank in the past.

Sorry, can’t help.

No worries, whilst I am in the topic do you think a gixxer will fit in a SWB van ? Or do I need something bigger ??

I’m confident it will. I managed to get a 748 (must be similar length) into a Citroën Dispatch (smaller than a Transit).

Google is your friend, the stats will be out there.

i can lend you one as long as get it back
as need it myself this weekend
I work in Reading and am on nights tomorrow and Thursday.

be wary of tail lift luton vans as the securing rails are only bonded and can part company with the vehicle

and you will get a bike in a standard swb transit easily

Thanks for the offer

I managed to buy one which should arrive tomorrow fingers crossed. If it doesn’t I will let you know.

Also good to know about the SWB

Ramp arrived!!

Photos, or it didn’t happen!

Track day is tomorrow. Van all loaded and set to go. Will uploaded a few when I get them.

Does anyone know if Donington is family friendly. Was contemplating making a day of it with the wife and kids ??

So you’re calling custard? :laughing:

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Yes mate family are welcome at donny.