'lo to one and all

Hey everyone who trawls the newbie board.

My names Don, im 20, i live in Willesden, looking to meet a mature lady for a no string… just playin . I ride a clapped out GS500 as if it was a blade, and have aspirations of owning either a 400 (ZXR/VFR) or a Hornet 600. I would post pictures but my goose is criminally dirty (i will wash it when it stops raining…). I found this site through BCF where i also post. Also i saw someone on a VFR800 (maybe) near shepherds bush with the stickers. Anyway I look forward to covering you all in the blue smoke that i spew all over the NW10.


Welcome to LB Don I live a biking minute from you in Neasden, you can meet some of the LB gang at the Cubana in Waterloo on Wednesdays or down the Ace, enjoy the site.

…and watch out for AJ and Wevaer they love to poke new people.


Welcome to LB. Yes I must say Weaver especially is a bit keen on this stick poking malarkey

welcome…vfr 400 nc30 would be a nice bike!

Hi Don, welcome to LB

Hey Don, welcome to LB! Hope to see you at the Cubana/Waterloo meet some time.

welcome dude!!!..hope to meet you soon mate…

ohh and beware…the new pokey stick has batteries!!!


hi and welcome to LB!!

TheDon… Yes indeed, Hello and Welcome to LB…

Welcome to LB

Cheers all, will try and make the meet when poss…