Livingstone and his cronies simply hate bikers

Yesterday’s Evening Standard (Friday) reveals what many have suspected all along - the report commissioned by TFL that claimed that trials of allowing bikes into bus lanes had proved inconclusive was actually spiked by Livingstone and his cronies.

The Standard reveals that the study actually showed that where bikes were allowed into bus lanes the accident rate reduced by a staggering 45%. Bikers were the biggest beneficiaries but accident rates went down for all other roads users - yes bikes in bus lanes make the roads safer for cars and cyclists too.

So why did the TFL report conclude otherwise? - the Standard claims that Livinstone appointees instructed the consultants who conducted the study to change their findings and suppress the evidence. This was because they were afraid that allowing bikes into bus lanes would lose Livingstone the support of cyclist lobby groups. These groups are fiecely opposed to bikes in bus lanes despite the evidence that there are very few accidents between cyclists are bikes.

I think it is time we let Livingstone feel our anger - we have the chance in May when he is up for re-election. Londoners need to throw him and his corrup cronies out for good.

Whilst I never wish anyone harm I believe in Karma and I think one day “our Ken” will get hit by a cyclist whilst walking across the road wearing his iPod, the cyclist will have gone through a red light of course:D