Living with a KTM 990supermoto

Thinking about a possible change next year. The only bike I would change my cb1r for would be a 990SM.

But I am wondering what they would be like to live with?
Would be using everyday for going into London.
Putting about 5k miles a year.

Any advice what to look out for!?

Good timing, looking to get a 950sm so I’ll keep an eye on this thread :wink:

Re pan, you really want a ktm sm for the daily commute?

Have no doubt it would be fun but would it be enjoyable and reliable daily and consistently? I doubt it…

Having said that it is important with ktms to specify what years you are looking at as they can vary drastically and there are some years to avoid. A bit like fine wine really :smiley:

a 1 litre Vtwin? sure you don’t fancy a Tuono?

Since buying last July have put 10k on it and would have no problems commuting on it, as well as hooning around Wales they are a blast.

Get one, you’ll love it :slight_smile:

@serrisan Well at the moment the cb is fun, enjoyable and reliable so would still want all 3.

Don’t have a year in mind so would love to hear opinions of which to steer away from.

@mian thanks dude but no thanks

@rusty what model/year did you get? What are the service costs?

@nivag :slight_smile:

If you looking at the 990smr then the 2010 is a good year for better wheels and brakes after 2010 was cast wheels 5spoke and cast radial calipers.

990 SMT 2011, service costs are dealer dependent.

Dont listen to serrisan, i commuted for 2 years on a 990 ADV and it was fine. Can get a bit hot in the summer is all. Some known issues with those engines and good mods to look out for.

Rear shocks can have flaky paint on the spring after about 25k, repairable but a pain, check the underside of the front header for corrosion, gets all the front wheel crud and that pipe will be a £400 replacement if you get KTM to do it. Cast wheels mean less maintenance than spoked. oberon clutch slave is very good mod, water pump seals can be weak on earlier models, but an easy fix. Servicing is frequent, 4500m but minor is easy, but pricey, use the right oil, its worth it at £10 / litre.
If you are looking at used of any age, look at every centimetre of the exhaust pipes, minimal corrosions will generally mean a well looked after bike. And the best mod of all… AKRAS!!! Baffles out, naturally!!

Oh, and i’ve done nearly 30k in just over 2years on mine, and bar the pipes i am replacing now, it has been hassle free, starts every time, any weather, no breakdowns!! So reliability in my experience has been great.

2008 KTM 950 SM here. Used as daily commuter for 12.5 mile each way commute into London. Only thing I’ve had an issue with is the fuel tank can warp over time, mine was so bad it leaked at some mounting points and I needed a replacement. This is well documented on the KTM forums and believed to be due to ethanol content in fuel. I don’t know if this carried over to the 990. As mentioned by KTM D clutch slave cylinder and water pump seals are recommended mods and it’s important to use the correct oil.

For me it’s the jack of all trades which is perfect as I only run one bike. It’s mental when you want it to be, but equally lazy and comfortable when you don’t. The usable torque is infectious. Aside from the tank, no reliability issues from me. The only thing that would tempt me away would be a 990SM just because it’s newer, or a 690SMC which I’m sure would be great on the giggle factor but doubt would be as good an all rounder day to day.

Akras, 16t front sprocket and X-bikes jetting kit for more smiles. My only negative is that I rarely manage 100 miles to a tank and they don’t make them anymore!

Oh … and the feckin’ power parts catalogue is too tempting and you end up buying a load of orange bling you don’t need!

07 950SM, Same as Fatkat; 32MPG was best average to a tank ever! Fuel level sensor mounting warped (inside left of the tank) and side stand switch magnet failed- other than that the bars are a little high for city commutes and your legs melt in v.slow filtering. Loads of smiles though!

thanks guys! better start saving! :smiley: