Living in Wroclaw, Poland, October to December?

We’ve opened a new office in Wroclaw, and having sent each of us out for a week at a time already, work are looking for people to go out there for months at a time. I’m looking at September to December.

I’m thinking of spending a few days riding there, a few days riding back, and extending most weekends into three/four night trips to go and see things that aren’t really that reachable from London.

Is this a ridiculous idea? How much worse for motorcycling is Wroclaw than London in winter? Where should I (not) be looking for an AirB&B given that I’ll want to lock an 1190 up outside? Anything else I should know?

Not sure I’d want to be riding back in December unless we have a warmish winter.

You’ll have a 900 mile start on Bignell’s Corner, weather wise it looks to be about the same as the Home Counties.

Sounds like a great idea to me, use your work trip as a chance to do stuff :slight_smile:

In terms of the weather - yeah, sure you’ll suffer a bit riding back in December, but don’t let that stop you. You only get one chance in this world, make the most of it.

I really recommend not riding in the Winter in Poland unless you absolutely have to. Of course there will be good days where it’s possible — but there will also be lots of snow, slush and ice everywhere, constantly changing conditions…it can get really bad. Can you get winter tyres for a motorcycle?

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You can do what Martin did and drill little metal bolts into an off-road tyre… Won’t be that good on a non snowy day

You can, but equally I could ride back to the UK before the winter and then fly back to Wroclaw. Assuming I can predict when “the winter” is :slight_smile:

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That should be good :slight_smile: I would plan on say September-October in Poland and then drop the bike back home. You’ll have an awesome time!

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If the blonde gobshite clown has his way, we’ll have crashed out of the EU by the end of October. So amongst other potential problems, you may have issues with being insured on a green card for that length of time. To be honest, I’m not sure how insurance works if you’re using your bike out of the country when it’s a business trip?

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We have an office in Wroclaw, but I’ve never visited it myself. I’ve emailed some of my colleagues over there to see if they can offer advice and if anyone in the office is also a biker you could have a natter with.

Well, I’m here now ostensibly to find a place to live for the three months. Work have found a nice-looking place in Grabiszyn, the only downside of which is that there’s no secure parking besides a lampost and the Londony chain I’m bringing. I’ve been going round town keeping an eye out and this is one of those cities where often there’s not even a disk lock on a bike, but also I haven’t yet seen another KTM…

Any locals (including @Arfa’s) got any feedback on that area? It certainly felt pretty safe…