Live pollution map

Even at 11pm this is showing black in central London. Yuck. Check before you ride!

Found here

I still described London as the Big Smoke to my friends in north America.  Now I can validate it!

And as for you guys who commute into work on your toys, best hold your breath until you get into your air conditioned offices with air purifiers and ionizers.

doesn’t look so bad to me. Seems like the parks have higher pollution levels than the treets

anyways, london isn’t bad at all compared to beijing (15 compared to 85 on PM 2.5 levels)…

edit: according to WHO stats Paris is more polluted than London :open_mouth:

All green now.

The Beijing air quality featured on From Our Own Correspondent recently. People there tape up their windows to seal the gaps to stop the tiny particles getting in. 

All green now. Changyammi